Driving innovation, revenues, collaboration, and efficiencies across air cargo's value chain.

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iCargo is the industry's premier digital platform for cargo. Built on a modern, cloud-based architecture, iCargo drives success for the world's top cargo carriers and ground handlers. Addressing end-to-end operations, iCargo unlocks new revenue opportunities, generates unmatched efficiencies, and maximizes profitability through a next-generation platform that enables greater collaboration and innovation across stakeholders. 

Delivered through a SaaS model, iCargo's modular design allows customers to enjoy full platform integration or a best-of-breed component approach. iCargo's modules are independently deployable, in any combination, and cover all business functions for air cargo, including sales, operations, handling, warehouse management, ULD management, mail handling and accounting, and revenue management and accounting.

iCargo's intelligent platform provides a single source of customer data that all modules share and a central configuration portal. This provides unmatched visibility and flexibility across business functions and a holistic view on operational performance. Cloud-hosting allows iCargo to scale to business needs and is cheaper to operate, upgrade and maintain. It's also available on a traditional license model with customer hosting.

iCargo is a live solution because staying on top of technological evolution is a constant and ongoing endeavor. Our R&D team is continuously developing, testing, and prototyping new features and technologies that have real business impact potential for our customers. To ensure we stay the course, iCargo's Core Group of Influencers is comprised of top cargo carriers and ground handlers that meet regularly to assess and steer development priorities and investments of the platform's dynamic roadmap.

Since our founding, innovation has been in IBS Software's DNA. And that, along with our customer-first approach and implementation track record, is what differentiates us in the travel technology landscape.

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iCargo Modules

Sales Management

iCargo Airline

A comprehensive sales, inventory and reservation system that helps airlines achieve accurate available capacity forecasts, better visibility of shipment yield and revenue, and fine-tune offering based on market demand and competition.

Key business benefits:

  • Shipment value identification at booking: Powerful and flexible up-front rating function
  • Enhanced capacity management: Real-time visibility of cargo demand and capacity on flights with powerful tools to optimize load
  • Improved service quality: Shipment transportation plan and tracking function
  • Increased customer retention: Highly configurable customer database with loyalty assessment tools
  • Optimized network performance: Product and service-based allotment of capacity to POS and customers
  • Enhanced deployment and availability: Fully web-enabled and browser-based client

iPartner - accelerating value delivery

Digitize, automate, and simplify network cargo handling

iPartner Handling is an innovative cloud-based solution that digitizes collaboration and communication between airlines and their ground handling partners. The solution drives a proactive and task-driven work approach by allowing airline handling agents to perform tasks and processes over common mobile and web applications, as opposed to the usual offline channels including paper-based documents, email exchange, and phone calls. iPartner Handling helps all key parties increase productivity and efficiency, with less paper-based and manual intervention.

Digitize, automate, and simplify network cargo handling
Digitize air cargo sales and distribution

Digitize air cargo sales and distribution

iPartner Customer (Sales Platform) enables a paradigm shift from the industry's laborious legacy systems, processes, and messages. iPartner Customer Platform helps air cargo stakeholders connect directly, in real-time, with leading digital freight market places and large global freight forwarders via APIs over the internet. A truly SaaS offering that gives new dimension to selling cargo 24/7.

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