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The hyper connected digital world today leave no options for air cargo business of any size and shape but to embrace change and innovate continuously or else perish fast. IBS’ iCargo Cargo Management Platform solution covers key air cargo key business functions end-to-end and have advanced digital tools for e-freight. iCargo Platform will help you seamlessly collaborate with your suppliers, partners and customers in delivering your air cargo promises to your customers.

Airline Cargo Solutions

Airline Cargo Solutions


iCargo is an end-to-end fully integrated cargo management platform solution developed from scratch by IBS recognizing a perceived market need for a solution based on next generation technology and business practices to help air cargo businesses focus more on their core cargo business to improve business performance, efficiency and eliminate in-house legacy system maintenance and operational costs. The solution covers all business functions required for managing air cargo business end-to-end including cargo sales, operations, handling, warehouse management, ULD management, mail handling & accounting, revenue accounting and cargo revenue management.

Besides the standard business offering, iCargo platform is highly extensible and offers product extensions to support cargo portals, mobility offering and is capable of processing IoT device feeds for sensor based operations. Ready for e-Freight with advanced tools for digital freight processes, iCargo provides digital tools for increased collaboration with suppliers, partners and customers to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. The solution is available to customers as a high-available Software-as-a-Service offering being hosted in world class data centres owned by IBS. 

iCargo also holds the largest customer-user community of air cargo businesses today in the IBS Cargo Forum (ICF) with a 30 global cargo airlines and ground handlers as members. The forum provides opportunity for every customer to co-create value through collaborative effort of the community with IBS and share knowledge and best practices gained from first-hand experience that act as guiding posts for others.

iCargo Business Solutions

iCargo Modules

iCargo Airline

iCargo Airline is a comprehensive sales, inventory and reservations system that provides airlines with the ability to achieve accurate prediction of available cargo capacities, better visibility of shipment yield/ revenue and fine tune offerings based on market demand and competition.

iCargo CTO

iCargo CTO is a state-of-the-art Cargo Terminal Operations system that automates the processes of the self-handled facilities of carriers as well as GHAs or airports providing cargo handling services to its airline customers.

iCargo CRA

iCargo CRA is a sophisticated cargo and mail revenue accounting solution that full address the back-office accounting requirements of air cargo carriers.

iCargo Mail

iCargo Mail is a complete mail handling and mail revenue accounting product that supports UPU mail handling and messaging standards

iCargo ULD

iCargo ULD is a state-of-the-art ULD management solution that encompasses all aspects of ULD assets across the network as well as for airports and GHAs to track ULD assets of customer airlines within the airport.

iCargo RM

iCargo RM is a state-of-the-art revenue management solution that is integrated across iCargo sales and service tools to deliver actionable insights and causal analysis information to support an integrated customer-centric business strategy aligned with revenue objectives.
Trusted by30 Customers

Trusted by
30 Customers

Transports 30000 Shipments daily

Transports 30000
Shipments daily

Handles 14000Tons daily

Handles 14000
Tons daily

Manages 70K MnFTK Daily

Manages 70K Mn
FTK Daily

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