Redefining Airline Operations

IBS’ iFlight Solution Suite, a comprehensive delay and recovery management solution for airlines, helps in improving efficiency, controlling costs and managing change. Encompassing a full spectrum of solutions for crew and fleet management, the iFlight Solution Suite empowers airlines to face operational challenges, avoid loss of revenue, reduce crew overtime and generate/protect passenger goodwill.

Airline Operations Solutions

Fleet & Crew Management

Improve airline on-time-performance

iFlight, IBS‘ next generation single digital airline operations platform, has been designed for airlines, alliances and airline groups for managing fleet, hub, crew operations end-to-end, optimizing resources, employing emerging technologies and supporting innovation. iFlight solves real-time data integration challenges in airline operations by providing a comprehensive OCC situational awareness that allows for proactive decision making and enables all stakeholders to collaboratively decide on the best disruption management strategy. 

Fleet & Crew Management


Integrated Operations

  • Situational Awareness real-time and proactive monitoring that reduces the response time to operational problems
  • Enhanced proactive aircraft and crew alerting mechanism that reduces unplanned diversions and delays and improves resource utilization
  • Integrated Disruption Management that reduces delay and, passenger compensation and cancellation costs

Superior System Capabilities

  • Intuitive solvers and workflow support for collaborative decision making
  • Faster information retrieval for operational users through dynamic filters and a single page information display
  • Flexibility to include subsidiary airline data to exploit operational synergies across group

Manpower Management

Optimise Manpower Planning

iFlight Manpower Management (MPM), an end-to-end manpower management solution, assists airlines to achieve optimal utilization of its crew resources throughout the operations cycle. Airline crew costs typically represent up to 20% of the entire operational cost base and optimization can go a long way in realizing cost savings and increase in profit margin. iFlight MPM can play a critical role in helping airlines minimize the overall crew resource cost and streamline the crew supply chain thereby ensuring robust crew operations. Features such as post-operation feedback, what-if scenario analysis, profiling of leave functions, ensures strategic planning and screening of vital statistics such as crew high hours meeting the regulatory compliance limits.

Manpower Management


‘What-if’ Scenarios

Analysis of 'what-if' scenarios supports business and manpower planning

Budget Planning

Supports budget planning using SSIM / Pairing and Micro planning using SSIM / Pairing / Pre-assignments


Efficiently handles multiple, complex contract types, leave planning and management


Interfaces with other core systems and forecasts crew high hours using regulatory compliance of crew flying statistics to ensure operation within legal limits

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul

Smarter Airworthiness

iFlight MRO, IBS’ airline maintenance and engineering software solution, is a fully integrated information system that is designed to meet the specific needs of airline Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and third party Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business. iFlight MRO provides the foundation for the implementation of best-in-class business processes that help maintenance and engineering facilities realize a considerable reduction in overall maintenance costs whilst observing regulatory compliance for the likes of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation of China (CAAC).

Maintenance Repair & Overhaul


Multiple Dashboards

Multiple dashboards provide graphical views of aircraft, hangar and line station performance, and the planning modules provide direct synchronization of aircraft status and related maintenance requirement.

Technical Documentation

Integrates directly with technical documentation, OEM manuals and IPC data and creates maintenance schedules, which support flight schedule changes and disruptions

Employee Database

Maintains all employee related information, including qualifications, licenses, experience, locations, attendance and training information

Financial Management

Financial suite reports all financial transactions via Cost Ledger and optional General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules while the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules provide a core system to operate and manage the Maintenance and Engineering organization as an independent entity

Information Management

Collects and maintains all historical maintenance and quality information, financial and cost ledger information and statistical & trending information and provides complete inventory management, serialized history and configuration management for materials used in assemblies, aircraft or aircraft systems

Integrated Flight Ops & Crew Management

Integrated Ops Control

iFlight Lite – “Integrated Flight Operations”, a comprehensive solution for coordinating and managing a host of activities related to flight scheduling and flight operations, ensures consistency and promotes coordination among airline departments resulting in cost effectiveness. A solution designed to meet the integrated flight operations needs of small, medium and chartered airlines, it is indispensable for all departments, such as the commercial, operations, crew, technical maintenance and finance departments of an airline to collect and forward data to other departments for further processing or monitoring.

A combined view of both aircraft and crew movement empowers the airline with the ability to recover from unforeseen disruptions and provide seamless updating of aircraft movements to other core systems. iFlight Lite ensures compliance with operational and crew regulations, union rules and company rules, along with other operating constraints avoiding compliance failures. It is equipped with a responsive rules engine that identifies and alerts regarding FDTR rules violations, reducing operational impact.

iFlight Lite can interface with SITA/AIRINC/FTP/EMAIL to receive and send MVT/LDM/Daily Flight Schedule (AAS) /SSM/ASM/Eurocontrol Slot messages and provide comprehensive Post flights analysis in the form of OTP, Delay statistics, Crew FDTR reports and Routing distribution.

Integrated Flight Ops & Crew Management


Proactive Alerts

Proactive alerting utilities aid in management of exceptional scenarios in flight operations and crew tracking

Productivity Tools

User configurable statistical counters against crew days, color-coded flight / crew status indicators, daily and shift wise notes management, etc. aid in improved productivity

Automated Tools

Facilitate aircraft assignment and scenario management, pairing creation and crew rostering with cost optimized crew positioning. iFlight Lite supports multi-base operations


Take control of airport operations

IBS’ iAirport suite, an integrated information management platform, helps airports to enhance operational efficiency by providing differentiated passenger experience through innovative mobility and passenger interaction technologies. By efficient monitoring and management of the passenger feedback process, it also helps airports greatly improve service quality.

From freight systems to terminal operations, the iAirport suite has creative digital solutions for a diverse range of ecosystems within airports, aimed at driving efficiencies, bringing down costs, generating new business, and elevating user experience

Airport Operations

iAirport Operations is a comprehensive application used to plan, manage and track flights, airport resource allocation and usage from the initial schedule planning stage through to billing. It enables effective real-time management of airport resources allowing more flights to operate with shorter turn-around times. It provides a centralized view of data from disparate sources for clear situational analysis and strategic business decision making. It makes way for a faster and more accurate airline invoicing experience that will generate a steady, timely cash flow as a direct result of efficient data capture.

IBS’ iAirport Passenger Relationship Management suite of products provides airports with next-generation technology platforms to continuously improve passenger experience. In an environment of ever-increasing expectations from passengers and travellers, the lack of insight into passenger feedback can lead to insufficient and delayed action causing inconvenience to passengers, reducing service quality and revenue opportunities in the form of airport shopping and F&B.

The IBS iAirport Passenger Relationship Management suite encompasses all the digital experiences for passengers and travellers including a digital kiosk platform, feedback management and interactive mobile solutions. It is equipped with a real-time, multi-modal feedback engine that can be seamlessly integrated with existing channels like websites/portals, mobile apps, social media, IVRS, and kiosks. Our Digital practice comprises of the best designers, technologists, and experts to help airports design and derive a blueprint for a connected experience leveraging their IT ecosystem to deliver the right experience, on the right device, using the right technologies and platforms to enhance passenger delight.

Departure Control Systems, a next-generation airport departure control system from IBS, automates all key processes related to airport passenger management operation and ensures improved customer service with extensive use of self-service options such as kiosks and web-based check-in.

Airport Cargo, a state-of-the-art Cargo Terminal Operations system that automates the processes of a ground handler at airports, that provide cargo services to customer airlines enhancing profitability and revenue optimization. Using cutting edge technology, iAirport Cargo delivers an end-to-end solution that provides expansive functionality and greater visibility at a more detailed level.

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