A data-driven platform that boosts airport revenues through innovation

Airports are on the verge of reinventing their digital ecosystems. With air travel becoming more affordable, the proportion of younger and less affluent travelers is increasing. The isolated legacy systems of the past are not suitable for providing a seamless digital experience for this new generation of digitally savvy passengers. Connected systems that use modern technologies to leverage data-driven insights are required for the right decision-making by all actors on landside, airside and at the terminal to provide the best customer experience and run efficient processes.

Retail business in airports, which is a major contributor to non-aero revenue, is also undergoing dramatic changes to meet the evolving needs of travelers. As the proportion of digitally demanding passengers increases, the demand for seamless omnichannel experiences between the digital channels and brick-and-mortar stores is becoming the norm. Modern passengers expect to have the same kind of digital experience when using airport services and airport retail as on advanced e-commerce platforms.

iAirport is used by some of the world’s busiest airports to efficiently run their operations and use the data-driven insights to expand their business, optimize operations, and deliver better passenger experiences.


iAirport Operations and Terminal Management

iAirport Operations and Terminal Management is an integrated information management platform that helps airlines and airports enhance operational efficiency and improve passenger satisfaction. From freight systems to terminal operations, iAirport Operations and Terminal Management offers creative solutions for diverse ecosystems within airports to collaborate, drive efficiencies, and elevate the passenger experience through innovative services.

iAirport Operations and Terminal Management provides a centralized view of data from disparate sources for precise situational analysis and strategic business decision-making. The platform´s comprehensive operations database helps plan, manage, and track flights and airport resource allocation and usage from initial schedule planning to billing. It enables effective real-time management of airport resources allowing more flights to operate with shorter turnaround times.

Dynamic Ancillary Personalization (iDAP)

iAirport Marketplace

iAirport Marketplace is a SaaS-based e-commerce intelligence platform that helps airports improve non-aero revenues through data-driven sales strategies that leverage AI-based offer management, personalization, and dynamic pricing. The platform enables airports to acquire and engage customers using customized rewards, personalized promotions, and cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Highly automated, the solution also helps airports run data-driven loyalty and rewards programs to improve customer experience and further increase revenue-generation opportunities.

This platform gives airports full control over data and information security and how AI-based models are used to boost sales and manage campaigns. As a centralized platform for data monetization, it enables new business opportunities for airports and their partners — concessionaires, service providers, and external partners — by discovering untapped customer segments and demand for new products and services.

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