Advanced Loyalty Fraud Detection

Robust protection against loyalty fraud

iFly Loyalty is a highly flexible next generation Customer Influencer Platform, that allows airlines to build and draw actionable insights through a 360° customer view, across multiple channels, and enhance their data set within a secure, privacy law compliant environment. 

Advanced Loyalty Fraud Detection


Advanced Loyalty Fraud Detection

Traditional loyalty programs typically use tiers to segment customers based on shared behavior and values. While this is effective when managing short term transactional behavior, it is less effective at tracking unusual activity in the long term. The IBS solution addresses customer value from multiple perspectives in order to attain a bigger picture of customer value. Taking into consideration the specific characteristics of the travel loyalty domain, the IBS platform attaches transaction scoring in peer segments. By applying standard matching and self-learning techniques, data analytics and machine learning identify and flag fraud patterns occurring both in the short term and across extended periods.

Fraud investigation occurs after the identification of a set of suspect transactions, and the formation of a case. Then these transactions are investigated fully to confirm or reject the finding. The result of the investigations will also help to build a robust and reliable learning set for future cases. Thus in a loyalty environment, where the network is being increasingly decentralized and more transactions are conducted in real-time, it is necessary to have a fraud management capability that can both react to and learn from activities.

Our Advanced Loyalty Fraud Detection solution is equipped with analytics framework that is seamlessly integrated with case management solutions and the core loyalty system for effective identification and management of fraud activities. The solution is offered as either an independent pluggable offering or an extension module within IBS' iFly Loyalty Suite.


Fraud Score Calculation

Calculate fraud scores for every transaction on the fly.

Fraud Pattern Detection

Uses machine learning algorithms to detect fraud patterns.

Integrated Case Management

System will flag fraud propensity per transaction. As part of Integrated case management  the flagged transactions are validated. System can also trigger actions based on rules.


Generate relevant reports and dashboards based on the data.