Campaign Management System

Right Message, to Right Audience, at the Right Time

A comprehensive solution to convey your proposition in a more meaningful and personalized way, enables you to run end-to-end campaigns from planning, to execution to post-campaign analysis.

Campaign Management System


Campaign Management System

Campaign Management System allows you to take advantage of targeted marketing to reach out to your customers on a one-to-one level. Campaign Management facilitates building a stronger brand affinity through tailored promotions and thus enhancing revenue per customer by allowing you to target specific segments by offering incentives. The system even offers a simulation of campaigns before the actual run, aiding strategic business decision-making and what-if analysis.


Customer Segmentation

Segmentation based on any customer profile or transaction history attribute.

Personalized Communication

Custom templates-based communications via multiple channels.

Campaign Calendar

Multiple runs of a specific campaign in time bound instances.

Response Tracking

Automatic tracking and incentive distribution for members.

Campaign Evaluation

Analyse outcome of a campaign against a given set of parameters.

Communication Rules

Place restrictions based on frequency, recency & isolation rules.