iFly RES

Enabling personalized retailing across traveler touchpoints while driving efficient end-to-end passenger processing.

Ready for modern airline retailing and passenger processing?

iFly RES is an omnichannel platform for airline retailing, reservations, servicing, and end-to-end passenger processing that drives richer and more profitable traveler experiences. Digital by design, iFly RES is NDC and One Order certified. Its native offer and order management capabilities maximize modern retailing opportunities across channels, consumer touchpoints, and the entire travel lifecycle.

The platform’s retailing, ancillary, and business rules engines deliver immediate flexibility and revenue benefits. With data-driven customer profiles at its core, iFly RES’s offer management system coupled with dynamic and continuous pricing enables infinite price points and personalization, integrating product demand, customer context, and customer value. Dynamic pricing occurs during each pricing request, while artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based pricing for air and non-air ancillaries further boost airline revenues. iFly RES’s digital sales tools integrate customer data across touchpoints boosting conversion, revenues, and productivity.

The system’s rich set of NDC and proprietary APIs enables modern distribution, real-time information exchanges, and seamless transactions that lead to greater business profitability and customer value across touchpoints. The platform supports traditional as well as NDC based codeshare, interlining, and GDS distribution, in a One Order or e-Ticketed fashion, eliminating any risk of revenue loss from the traditional channels.

Fully integrated departure control capabilities with a shared single-seat map ensure an enhanced customer experience with real time service delivery, retailing at airport customer touch points, and advanced check-in options.

Underpinned by a highly available platform, iFly RES’s open architecture instantly scales to business needs and models, offering unmatched agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

100+% PB growthin the last 3 years

100+% PB growth
in the last 3 years

Connecting 200+ Tour Operators50+ OTAs & METAs

200+ Tour Operators

Managing 40M+passengers world-wide

Managing 40M+
passengers world-wide

30000+ agent users connected directly using GDS bypass

30000+ agent users connected directly using GDS bypass

iFly RES Add-on Modules

eCommerce Engine

The  iFly RES ecommerce engine (iFly RES IBE) amplifies enhanced customer shopping experiences through dynamic packaging and retailing of airline products and services. The IBE can be configured to offer fare families or branded fares displays based on an airline´s product strategy. It also supports dynamic pricing of air and non-air ancillaries based on airline configured rule sets or alternatively thanks to the platform’s flexible integration capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine-learning engines. The iFly RES IBE content management console ensures airlines can dynamically manage product offerings, ensuring faster time to market and vendor independence. The platform also supports web check-in, including ancillary sales.

The iFly RES IBE also offers an agency portal to facilitate distribution partnerships. Airlines can retail all their products directly through travel sellers based on workflows that efficiently manage allocation requests and bookings.

iFly RES and the IBE come readily integrated with IBS’ iLoyal platform or allows for integration with any third-party loyalty platform.

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A flexible digital wallet for a winning travel credits strategy

Travel credits, like vouchers or flight credits, kick-in when travel plans change, whether caused by the airline, the traveler, or force majeure. But a change in plans doesn't have to lead to lost revenues for airlines, nor friction for travelers.

An effective travel credit strategy, supported by a cutting-edge digital wallet, sets the ground for win-win outcomes. Yet, most airlines still struggle to manage travel credits, causing frustration to their customers and lost revenues for them. It doesn't have to be that way. Five ways IBS Software's digital wallet can help:

  • A customer-centric user experience
  • Highly flexible redemption deployment options
  • Improved cash retention through deeper customer engagement
  • Analytics-driven management approach
  • Increased efficiency and cost-savings through automation
A flexible digital wallet for a winning travel credits strategy

Staff and Corporate Travel

Whether for airline or corporate partner staff, employee business, duty, and leisure travel need to fulfill managed conditions. Simple booking experiences, compliance with travel policies, and efficient expense reporting are just some of them.

iFly Staff is a comprehensive duty and leisure travel management solution for airline staff. Extensive business rule configurations enable staff and HR to enjoy compliant and seamless booking, travel, and reporting experiences through the highly flexible and automated self-service solution.

iFly Corporate facilitates the management of negotiated fares and agreements between airlines and their corporate partners. Offering corporations and their employees a seamless end-to-end booking, approval, and expense reporting experience, the solution enables fully compliant travel, whether for business or leisure.

Staff Travel

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