Mobile Engagement Solution

Driving Smarter Mobile Engagement

Our Mobile Engagement Solution enables smarter loyalty and marketing experience through digital handshake of your brand and customers.

Mobile Engagement Solution


Mobile Engagement Solution

We are in a world of digital convergence, where sensors, collected data and ubiquitous computational abilities are enabling highly responsive, personalized environments leading to brand stickiness. With the customer always connected online through their personal devices, businesses now have an open window through which they can attract, engage and retain customers. The key is to make smart technologies come together and deliver relevant information to customers, whenever and wherever required.

Mobile Engagement Solution empowers you to stay with your customers for location based services using beacons and geofences. The mobile solution is designed to simplify the loyalty interactions and garner more responses through in-time communication and contextual messaging, leveraging the convergence of new age hardware. The solution enables you to offer a digital rewards catalog with location based spot offers for quick and easy redemption and enables social networking through social check-ins, sharing activities, photos, testimonials, and challenges.


Contextual Messaging

Being able to communicate, promote and notify on time, at the right time is the essence and allure of customer engagement.

Unique Digital ID

Profile details are stored as QR codes on virtual loyalty cards which would not require physical wallet space and is compatible with touch points equipped with 2D bar code scanners.

On-the-go Purchase

With the readily available, extensive and categorized Rewards Menu, customers have a wide range of options to choose from, to make a purchase on the go.

Profile Management

Profile details like personal details, transaction history, program statistics and tier progress bar can be easily viewed and managed through the app.

Proximity Driven Activities

Proximity driven recognition and automatic authentication are a boon for customers who are always on the go, especially at places like the airport where long queues and even longer waiting times are frequent.

Social Networking

With the mobile app, customers can login to the loyalty program with their social media account and share their online journey in a single click.


Customers can be engaged through various online tasks and competitions, on completion of which they can be rewarded suitably.