Partner Management Solution

Build Partnerships. Really Fast!

A comprehensive solution for managing loyalty program partners, helps to achieve shorter partner onboarding times through easily configurable business rules.

Partner Management Solution


Partner Management Solution

Partner Management Solution covers the entire spectrum of partner engagement including partner contracting, the sale of loyalty points to partners, partner billing and processing of member activities. The flexibility offered by Partner Management Solution to configure partner specific billing protocols and industry-specific transaction validations enables easy administration of partners across the loyalty network. The Partner Self Service portal adds great appeal to the solution by providing a single window to partners to manage their accounts and loyalty activities, promoting partner understanding. It also allows for seamless integration with smaller and local partners with minimal IT assets and faster launching of co-branded propositions.

iFly Loyalty supports the integration with external systems using various options like messaging (MQ), daily synchronization mechanisms (FTP) and web services.  iFly Loyalty system ships with a comprehensive set of webservice APIs which can be used to expose all key business functions and program data to any authorized third-party system hosted by airline - including (but not limited to) IBE, Member Website, Mobile App, IVR, CTI, Chat, Chatbots etc. These systems will be able to access the latest member data in real-time. The system also offers a publish-subscribe model to disseminate the latest changes to a member profile.


Quick Partner On-boarding Processes

Quick onboarding is facilitated through easily defined partner profiles and contracting terms, which can be flexibly used for wide range of partners like airlines, diners, car rentals, hotels, gift shops and so on.

Fee Management

Configure partner specific fees like partnership fees, contract renewal fees, etc.

Understanding the Partner Better

Define Dynamic Attributes to capture partner-specific information.

Facilitation of Loyalty Points Selling

Partners can buy points using Pre-paid or Credit option.

Partner Self-service Portal

Channel for the partner to its loyalty partnership account, offering functionality like viewing and managing profile information and partnership activities.


Extensive reporting capabilities are facilitated through integrating with billing and accounting systems.


The Accounting module in iFly Loyalty tracks the monetary aspects of all loyalty transactions performed in a program.

Real time Processing Capabilities

Partner Management Solution has a standard set of accrual and redemption web services that that can be used by the partner portal to process accruals, retro claims and redemptions on a real-time basis.

Partner Specific Business Rules

The Rules Engine adds value to the partner management process through reduction of technical interference to manage rules and is also flexible to accommodate any combination of partner business scenarios.