Passenger Reservations

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Passenger Reservations


iFly Res

iFly Res, a next generation airline passenger services platform from IBS, is designed to provide airlines with greater business flexibility and operational efficiency. Born out of a need for a more dynamic PSS system in the aviation industry, iFly Res features a customer-centric design that can seamlessly manage changing business models - from low cost to hybrid operations. Powered by a Rules Engine that allows system configuration to meet your exact requirements, it not only ensures higher productivity and operational ease but also reduced vendor dependence

The six critical components of iFly Res - Reservation, Inventory, Fares, Ancillary Fees, Departure Control and Central Customer Management, cover the entire spectrum of airline processes working together to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

iFly Res is the first natively compliant IATA NDC PSS product in the industry, with a rich API portfolio that exposes fully NDC compliant booking and DCS functions providing rapid connectivity to content providers, consumers and trade partners.

iFly Res


Customer Centric Design

Built around customer profiles, service history and potential value to the airline rather than simply accumulating traditional PNR records as in the traditional legacy systems.

Distribution Coverage

Supporting entire gamut of distribution models, ranging from traditional GDS based to direct connect.

Powerful Disruption Management Tools

Customer value-based passenger movement to alternate flights for effectively managing disruptions.

Full NDC Compliance

NDC will allow the airline, you, to directly control the content and delivery of travel products and enable you to receive, process and respond to requests from a plethora of sources – including OTAs, GDSs, alliance partners, and third party ancillary service providers.

Flexible Business Parameters

Helping you define and optimize business processes in real time and thus enhance operational flexibility.

Intuitive GUIs

Facilitating faster adoption by agents and reduction in training costs.

Rich API’s

Extensive set of APIs which enable content distribution to any channel B2B/B2C/B2T websites, to GDSs, to mobile devices, kiosks and any other direct connect partners.