Airline Passenger Services

Enabling innovative and customer-centric retailing and servicing

A paradigm shift was already underway in the airline industry. But the pandemic has accelerated the need to address underlying challenges posed by the industry´s legacy infrastructure.

As airlines look to rebuild their businesses, new technology will play a key role in the return to profitability. More agility will be required to deploy evolving business strategies that respond to changing market and consumer behavior. In this context, a new approach to retail that differentiates and personalizes airline offers based on value, rather than commoditized attributes, is key.

iFly RES is the industry’s first natively compliant IATA NDC new generation Passenger Services System (PSS). With a rich API portfolio that exposes fully NDC compliant Reservations and DCS functions, it provides real-time connectivity to content providers, consumers, and trade partners. NDC and One Order certified, with IATA Leader Board airlines, iFly helps airlines increase revenue by retailing innovative products and services through any distribution channel, based on customer context.

Passenger Reservations

With customer profiles at its core, iFly RES enables airlines to turn passengers into uniquely identified individuals that can be served based on their needs, wants, and history. An inbuilt offer and order management system, coupled with dynamic product creation and pricing capabilities, accelerate airline revenue potential. In addition to traditional distribution channels such as GDSs and partner airlines, the iFly RES API suite, eCommerce platform, and Tour Operator contract management components ensure airlines can expand and customize their customer reach.


iFly Res

Designed from the need of a more dynamic and next-generation airline Passenger Services System, iFly RES sits on a cloud-based digital platform that seamlessly integrates all iFly suite components. This provides airlines with more agility, flexibility, and operational efficiency to manage end-to-end customer servicing. iFly RES´ customer-centric design grows and adapts to all airline business models.

The platform´s retailing and ancillary engines deliver immediate flexibility and revenue benefits. With dynamic offer creation and pricing at its core, iFly RES enables infinite price points that take into consideration product demand, customer context, and customer value. Dynamic pricing occurs during each pricing request, as opposed to the static and limited pricing approach adopted by legacy industry players. Supported artificial intelligence and machine-learning-based ancillary pricing, also boost airline revenue generation opportunities. The solution also supports codeshare, interline, e-Ticketing, and GDS distribution, eliminating any risk of lost revenue from the traditional channels.

iFly Res
With native offer and order management capabilities, iFly RES delivers modern retailing to airlines and supports IATA industry initiatives, such as NDC and One Order. NDC Interline capable, it also enables simplified partnerships for flights and ancillaries, via, mobile, or intermediated channels, opening up a brand-new world of cost-efficient retailing opportunities.

Powered by a rules engine framework that allows business and system configuration to meet airline-specific needs, iFly RES ensures higher productivity and operational performance, while also reducing vendor dependency, allowing airlines to react quickly and independently to changing market conditions.

iFly RES Additional Value Enablers

eCommerce Engine

iFly RES Internet Booking Engine (IBE) amplifies enhanced customer shopping experiences through the dynamic packaging and retailing of airline products and services. The IBE can be configured to offer fare family or branded fare displays, based on airline product strategy. It also allows the dynamic pricing of air and non-air ancillaries thanks to the platform's flexible integration capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine-learning engines. The IBE content management console ensures airlines can dynamically manage product offerings, ensuring faster time to market and vendor independence. The platform also supports web check–in, including ancillary sales.

iFly RES comes ready to integrate IBS´ iLoyalty platform or any third-party loyalty platform.

The IBE also offers an agency portal to facilitate distribution partnerships. Based on workflows that enable the efficient management of allocation requests and bookings, airlines can retail all their products directly through travel sellers.

iFly Res Features

Customer Centric Design

Built around customer profiles, service history, and potential value to the airline, rather than simply accumulating traditional PNR records as found in traditional legacy systems.

Distribution Coverage

Supporting an entire range of distribution models, ranging from traditional GDS and partner airlines, to direct connect using NDC.

Dynamic Pricing

Infinite price points based on load factor, customer context and value, improve revenues dramatically.

Flexible Retailing Options

Product bundling and retailing of air and non-air content (such as hotels) help boost revenue opportunities.

Full NDC Compliance

NDC allows airlines to directly control the content and delivery of travel products and enables airlines to receive, process, and respond to requests from travel sellers in the intermediated channels, alliance partners, and third-party ancillary service providers

Rich API’s

Extensive API sets allow content distribution to any channel: B2B/B2C/B2T websites, GDSs, mobile devices, kiosks, and any other direct connect partners. A rules framework enables rich content links to any distribution channel for airline products and services.

Powerful Disruption Management Tools

Customer value-based re-accommodation to effectively manage disruptions, while looking out for an airline´s most loyal travelers. Self-service-based disruption handling improves passenger satisfaction and reduces operational costs.

Flexible Business Parameters

Help airlines define and optimize business processes, in real-time, improving operational flexibility and time-to-market.

Efficient Revenue Management of Allotments

Enables efficient optimization of flights with both tour operator allotments and single seat allotments, through a single inventory record.

Enhanced Offer Distribution

Increases revenue potential by sharing shopping data with third-party aggregators. This provides opportunities to increase conversion rates.

Reduced Messaging Costs

Enables direct host-to-host connectivity with traditional message exchange systems, avoiding the need to use existing industry high-cost solutions.

Seamless Airport Operations

Integrated DCS with a shared single-seat map that ensures seamless Order/PNR service delivery updates. Enhances customer experience with interline through-check-in (IATCI) and web check-in for third-party ground handled stations.