Smart Analytics & BI

Smart Insights for Smart Business

The Smart Analytics and BI offering can empower you by helping you to understand your customer segments & behaviour and business trends.

Smart Analytics & BI


Smart Analytics & BI

The competency of this tool relies on the analytical models derived from our research and extensive domain knowledge. The Smart Analytics and BI tool enables you to build statistical prediction models to carry out revenue forecasting, churn/breakage forecasting and liability forecasting. Purpose designed analytical models like Customer Engagement Index model and Customer Value model also provide rich insights into the past, present and future state of a loyalty problem. It allows you to generate a customer engagement index for every customer thereby enabling you to identify and grow the most profitable customers by tailoring your offerings.

The tool can help in segmenting customers based on multiple data dimensions rather than relying on just demographics or tiers. These segment definitions can be used for targeted up sell or cross sell airline/ program offerings. This tool also allows users to design new analytical models and use a BI gadget from the gadget library to present the results. Better visualization of business information allows you to understand seasonality, trends and conduct what-if analysis using statistical models.


Trends and Forecasting

Decompose transactional data to understand seasonality and trends.

Understanding Segments

Identify sets of data that exhibit similar characteristics.

Customer Valuation

Creating the ability to evaluate customers against multiple dimensions.

BI Dashboard

Design, share, explore and monitor the data in dashboards.