Staff Travel Management

Make the most out of staff travel

The complete staff travel solution designed for full service, low cost, and hybrid carriers – including ticket-enabled & ticketless carriers.

Staff Travel Management


iFly Staff

iFly Staff is a comprehensive digital employee travel solution that manages leisure and business/duty travel for airline staff and their dependents. The solution is designed to handle the complexities of a full-fledged ticketing based operation, as well as support staff travel functions of a ticketless model.

Its core strength is a comprehensive rules manager that can manage complex staff travel policies - concession eligibilities & allocation, beneficiary rules, duty travel approvals etc, making it easier for the airline staff travel team to manage or change policies with ease. iFly Staff integrate seamlessly with other airline systems like reservation systems, HRMS, payment gateways etc.

Irrespective of the business model, size, and complexity of staff policies of the airline, iFly Staff provides a self-service environment to manage travel requirements, enabling process efficiencies and automating key business functions for the staff travel department.

Staff Travel Management – Overview Diagram
Reduce cycle time for staff travel bookings by 90%

Reduce cycle time for staff travel bookings by 90%

Reduce cost of staff travel administration by at least 50%

Reduce cost of staff travel administration by at least 50%

Used by more than 1 million staff & dependants globally

Used by more than 1 million staff & dependants globally

Around 4 million Booked Passenger Segments processed annually

Around 4 million Booked Passenger Segments processed annually


Single solution to manage all staff travel needs

A single solution to handle all employee travel requirements; be it flight or hotel bookings for leisure, duty travel or for domestic and international travel.

Full management control to administrators

Provides role based access which enables airline’s travel administrators to assign specific roles & access to employees helping them to easily manage how staff travel requirements are handled.


A scalable and easily maintainable employee travel solution that supports higher volume as the airline grows in size.

Policy Compliance

Employees can only create/manage their bookings based on the concessions allocated to them and their beneficiaries as per the rules defined by the airline travel administrator, ensuring complete staff travel policy compliance.

Hotel Booking Solution

Offers hotel booking capability, enabling the staff and beneficiaries to book hotels at discounted rates.


Solution is available in desktop and mobile versions so that employees can access their bookings from anywhere, giving them complete ease of access.

Parameter based rules engine

A rules engine is capable of handling airlines’ complex policies and processes - manage leisure, duty, beneficiary eligibilities, on-load/upload priorities, embargoes/restrictions using parameterised rules engine. Best practices gained from airlines of different segments and geography is an invaluable exposure to our prospective customers.

Enhance employee experience

Easy to access, user friendly & self-serviced solution that enables employees to access their travel bookings 24/7. Simplified administration process with a high degree of automation enabling the staff travel team to address employee requirements faster enhancing the user experience.

Manage all group companies in one system

Manage multiple subsidiaries including airlines, connecting to different reservation systems in the same application. Airlines with a common HR system and staff travel team, could define & manage policies; either for the entire group or specific for each subsidiary. Enables parent company to have control over the entire group as well as provide the required independence to the subsidiaries.