iFly Staff & Corporate Travel

Enabling seamless and compliant business and leisure travel through end-to-end booking, approval, and reporting management

Staff Travel Management

Staff travel privilege is a major perk for airline staff. It attracts as well as helps to retain people with a penchant for globetrotting either as part of their job or by availing leisure travel concessions for free or discounted travel. Airlines formulate policies to address the concession eligibility of staff and beneficiaries based on parameters like their role, seniority, allocation, onboard and upgrade priority, but managing these policies and enforcing them are a daunting task. It may still result in a huge backlog of requests, significant administrative overhead, and ticketing delays, leading to overall dissatisfaction.

iFly Staff is a fully automated SaaS solution that addresses these specific challenges and offers a comprehensive staff travel experience for all types of carriers. Staff can themselves book flights and hotels in a single flow while administrators get full management control to create policy-based rules without the need for any technical support. Through integrations with other airline systems like reservation systems, HRMS, and payment gateways, the solution provides a seamless booking and management experience for airline staff.


iFly Staff
Reduce cycle time for staff travel bookings by  90%

Reduce cycle time for staff travel bookings by 90%

Reduce cost of staff travel administration by at least 90%

Reduce cost of staff travel administration by at least 90%

Used by more than 1M+ staff & dependants globally

Used by more than 1M+ staff & dependants globally

Around 4M+ Booked Passenger Segments processed annually

Around 4M+ Booked Passenger Segments processed annually


Leisure travel management

Manage leisure travel or ID Travel booking for airline staff and beneficiaries as per rules and policies. Supports employee leisure travel, former employee travel, beneficiary leisure travel, annual leave travel, contract tickets, consultant travel, ZED travel and iET bookings.

Business travel management

Manage duty travel or business travel as part of official travel needs – self-service business travel booking, MIBA travel, provision for cost preview before approval, automatic ticketing, approval flows and expense management, governed by airline policies.

Profile management

Manage employee profile information, with frequent connects with airline HRMS. Provision to update passport details and advance passenger information. View eligible concession or entitlements, their usage, and validity.

Beneficiary management

Manage beneficiary profile details registered in iFly Staff or fed from the HRMS. Register and nominate beneficiaries for staff travel as per airline policies, rules, and approval workflows.

Business rules module

Manage business rules governing staff travel using parameter driven configurable rules engine, define rules for leisure travel entitlement, business travel, beneficiary management, restriction, delegations, payment rules etc. based on staff travel policies.

Hotel booking module

Manage hotel booking for staff and beneficiaries. Availability of hotels in popular destinations, flexible payment options, convenient booking options, and rich content display.

Corporate Travel Management Solution

Travel is one of the highest controllable spend for most companies. Many companies face the challenge of ensuring policy compliance while providing flexible travel options to their employees. To address this, they have corporate arrangements with airlines with negotiated fares. Airlines on the other hand face challenges in managing multiple corporate customers while ensuring revenue maximization through such channels. IBS Software designed iFly Corporate to create and maintain relationships between airlines and their corporate partners.

Airlines can offer iFly Corporate to their corporate customers to manage their travel needs for business travel as well as leisure travel. Corporates can define business rules, and approval workflows in iFly Corporate to ensure compliance to their travel policy. With full administrative control, airlines can manage multiple corporate customers with specific fares and rules through a single application.

iFly Corporate ensures simple integration and direct distribution of airline products such as flight, hotel, car, insurance, and other ancillaries to large and small corporates across the globe. Airlines can enhance the value in terms of cost savings, policy compliance, and integrated corporate loyalty. Corporate end-users on the other hand benefit from a seamless booking experience through iFly Corporate integration with the airline’s Passenger Service Systems (PSS) and their own corporate HR systems.

iFly Corporate; a self-serviced corporate travel management solution, for enhanced booking experience, better compliance, and reduced travel spend.

iFly Staff


Airline-Corporate Agreement Management

Airlines can define pricing agreement for each corporate or group of corporates that belong to the same tier. Once the agreement is finalized, corporates will receive access to the business travel management solution with direct access to negotiated fare options.

Business Travel Management

Manage corporate travel or duty travel as per the business needs of large and small sized corporates. Provisions for dynamic updating of ticketing policies, approval flows, expense management, duty of care, and upgrades based on corporate priorities.

Travel Policy Compliance

Corporate travel managers can define comprehensive business rules to manage even the most complex corporate travel policies. Strict adherence to corporate’s policies and allows businesses to control the corporate travel expenses.

Profile Management

Booking-on-the-go for corporate travelers through corporate employee and beneficiary profile information management. Automatic updating of profiles with details like passport information, advanced passenger information, and FFP number for the smooth facilitation of relocation planning, repatriation travel, contractual travel, and annual leave travel.

Customizable Workflows

Corporate customers can customize approval processes based on the type of travel and policy guidelines. Employees of different groups can have different types of approval process for beneficiary nomination, trip approval, out of policy travel, and booking management.

Self-service Portal

Corporate customers signing up with the airline can access a self-service desktop and mobile platform, which will offer negotiated airline fare as well as automate the corporate’s travel policies, giving corporate employees a seamless booking experience.


Airline Benefits

  • Reduced distribution costs by replacing intermediaries
  • Directly sell travel ancillaries
  • Increase the captive user base and revenue
  • Efficient on-boarding of corporate customers
  • Manage multiple corporates with single solution
  • Iterative solution design to address the dynamic requirements of the airline

Corporate Customer Benefits

  • Direct relationship with the airline - better deals/discounts
  • Better control on travel expense by adherence to corporate travel policies
  • Ensure employee satisfaction by offering closed user group benefits
  • Omni-channel access to manage corporate travel
  • Comprehensive expense reporting and Duty of Care

Corporate Employee Benefits

  • Whole of Travel (WoT) solution for travel management
  • Approval workflows for business travel
  • Seamless travel booking experience for users, utilizing the digital capabilities across multiple platforms