Take control of your end to end people & material supply chain

IBS has pioneered the integrated personnel & material logistics solution for upstream logistics for the past two decades and bring state of the art technology platforms to meet the ever changing logistics management landscape of our Oil & Gas and Mining clients.

Energy & Resources Logistics

Energy & Resources Logistics


The iLogistics solution suite, is an integrated multi-modal logistics and accommodation management system designed exclusively for the upstream value chain. In industries ranging from Oil and Gas to Mining, iLogistics ensures that you are always in total control of your supply chain irrespective of conventional or unconventional operations.

iLogistics covers the end-to-end movement of personnel and material via air (commercial, charter and helicopter), sea and land. In order to achieve cost efficiencies, iLogistics is widely used as a platform for collaboration and asset sharing between Oil and Gas operators, Mining operators and other shared service providers. The aviation, marine, land, camp & Personnel On Board flavors of iLogistics supported by add-ons integrates various critical logistics operations under one system and establishes one way of working, globally. With focus on technological innovation and commitment to the industry, IBS Software orchestrates a strong culture of co-creation along with its customers and complementing solution providers to multiply the value of its solution.

The solution covers all business functions required for end to end execution of personnel & material movement including long term planning & capacity forecasting, logistics asset management, journey booking, resource (flights/vessels/bus/car/truck) scheduling & dispatch, real-time tracking, HSE management, offshore & onshore accommodation management, underground logistics, and cost & time allocations.

Besides core business offerings, iLogistics offers add-ons Business Travel integrations, Safe Journey Management, Waste Management, Voyage Management, integrations to other platforms (self-check-in kiosks, ERPs, Data Analytics & Visualization tools and mobile platforms). The solution is available to customers as a high-available Software-as-a-Service offering being hosted on both private and public clouds.

iLogistics Overview

iLogistics Modules

iLogistics Aviation

iLogistics Aviation features advanced capabilities to forecast demand & plan capacity, schedule and track personnel & materials by commercial, charter and helicopter flights to onshore and offshore destinations. With the capability to integrate commercial/charter/helicopter/bus/car and hotel/camp/offshore accommodation, iLogistics offers a powerful platform to take total control of your end-to-end logistics operations.

iLogistics Marine

iLogistics Marine offers an integrated platform to plan, schedule, execute & track people and material logistics by vessels. The solution enables greater collaboration among your logistics network and optimizes the productive utilization of vessels while improving the marine safety, reliability and efficiency parameters. It provides integrated, best-in-class functionality for demand and supply planning, route planning and optimization, dispatching and manifesting, electronic vessel logging and real time tracking, along with standard integration with your corporate ERP system.

iLogistics Land

Designed to manage onshore logistics, iLogistics Land provides capabilities to manage personnel and material movement on land, through a variety of transport options like bus, car, truck and rail. The Safe Journey management capabilities enables companies to reduce risks related to journey over land and thereby reduce accidents. The system can seamlessly integrate with TMS systems used by service providers and also take feeds from positioning and tracking systems such as IVMS, RFID and GPS/GPRS/GIS.

iLogistics Personnel on Board (PoB)

iLogistics PoB powers your personnel-on-board management capabilities to ensure safe travel and stay of your personnel on offshore assets. Through a host of features focusing on rotation scheduling, offshore safety compliances, mustering and tracking of personnel, iLogistics PoB has superior platform management and emergency evacuation capabilities.

iLogistics Accommodation Management

Built for high-occupancy camps, hotels and workforce lodges, iLogistics powers your onshore accommodation management functions through a host of features providing advanced visibility, demand planning, optimized capacity utilization and housekeeping management for owned as well as contractor accommodation facilities. The solution integrates with PoS systems, check-in kiosks, bar code/RFID readers to automate camp operations.

iLogistics Underground

iLogistics UG serves as a quintessential model for all underground mining operations. It powers the logistics operations of people and material through features like long term demand planning, automated cage scheduling, e-ticketing and barcode enabled shipment tracking and receipts, all of this bundled into an appealing, easy to use graphical user interface.

Powers 35 business units across the world

Powers 35 business units
across the world

Handles 3M+ YearlyPax bookings

Handles 3M+ Yearly
Pax bookings

Handles 2M+ YearlyTonnes of Cargo

Handles 2M+ Yearly
Tonnes of Cargo

Manages POB at 300+  assets, 80+ camps and 25+  air/heliports

Manages POB at 300+ assets, 80+ camps and 25+ air/heliports

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