Accommodation management

Cloud-based accommodation management platform for oil and gas, mining, renewables and workforce facility management companies to track personnel arrivals and departures at land & offshore installations and optimize accommodation management - improving safety, compliance and emergency response.

Module Overview

Onshore Camp Operations

Transform your camp and lodge operations with iLogistics Camp, which offers powerful features supported by Artificial Intelligence and mobile apps to optimize costs, improve room utilizations and achieve a positive guest experience for owned as well as contractor accommodation facilities. Integrations with Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS), Smart badge and RFID technologies automate personnel tracking and meal tracking.

iPartner Handling

Offshore Personnel On Board (POB) Operations

iLogistics POB delivers best-in-class cloud-based accommodation and personnel-on-board (POB) management, to achieve operational excellence, improve emergency planning, enforce strict HSE practices and standard operating procedures.

Key Features

Efficient Camp Operations

  • Demand planning and demand vs capacity simulations
  • Self check-in/check-out
  • Training certification compliance
  • In-built OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) gateways
  • POS (Point of Sale) platform for ancillary services
  • Meal tracking and housekeeping
  • Invoicing and payment processing

Faster Emergency Response

  • Real time POB visibility & location tracking
  • Mobile based e-mustering and mock-drill planning
  • Automated emergency roles allocations
  • Offline working capability for deep-water operations
  • Infield POB management
  • Safe and compliant frog crew transfers

Integrated Travel and Accommodation

  • Manage arrivals, departures and days on board
  • Automated and optimized crew rotation bookings
  • Integrated people and material logistics management
  • HSSE compliance
  • Accurate POB forecasting
  • Optimize bed/bunk utilization

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