Demand planning & capacity forecasting

Predict optimal logistics and accommodation capacity requirements based on forecasted demand and configurable operational constraints to take control of strategic and operational planning on personnel and material logistics in oil and gas, mining, renewable energy and facility management industries.

Module Overview

Demand Planning

iLogistics Demand Planning makes it easy for stakeholders in projects, drilling & completions, production operations, maintenance and facilities management to manage long term workforce and material demand forecasts. Seamlessly connected with Integrated Activity Plans (IAP), the solution provides a daily forecast view of people and cargo demand for logistics planners, well before bookings are made.

Capacity Forecasting

Optimize logistics for aviation, marine & land transportation and accommodation capacity plans with inbuilt algorithms. Assess the forecasted demand against available capacities to take action on overflow days.

Variance Analysis

Automated 14-30-60-90-day variance analysis helps to assess trends, giving insights on the accuracy of forecasted demand plan. Assess schedule demand variance (with respect to the bookings made) and actual demand variance (with respect to the actual operations).
Demand Planning

Key Features

Improved Demand Planning Accuracy

  • Rolling 14-30-60-90 day variance analysis
  • Integrated people and material logistics management
  • Trends, predictions and analytics
  • Robust alert management framework
  • Configurable multi-level approval rules supporting anywhere approval

Workforce and Cargo Logistics Optimization

  • Optimized capacity plans for charter travel, helicopter, marine & ground transportation
  • Commercial flight travel integration with GDS systems
  • Global shipment integration with freight forwarder systems
  • Do it yourself reporting 

Reduced Manual Interventions

  • Automated crew rotation schedule, material ordering plan & logistics schedules
  • Automated bookings for workforce travel and cargo movement and auto adjusted bookings on operational changes 
  • Mobile based self-service travel management & approvals

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