Powering low carbon personnel and material logistics for oil & gas, mining and renewables.

Redefining the future of logistics

iLogistics is the most advanced technology platform for managing logistics in the oil & gas, mining and renewables sectors. It has been designed exclusively to empower energy businesses – ranging from oil & gas drilling, underground and open pit mining, marine, LNG, renewable energy, air charter and camp facility management – to take total control of their supply chains.

iLogistics is an integrated people and material logistics technology platform that provides customers with the ability to implement long-term demand forecasting, manage workforce travel, and plan fleet capacity and multi-modal logistics, while delivering performance monitoring and analytics. Machine learning algorithms help to assess personnel and material demand patterns and forecast future demand. Robotic Process Automation enables automated bookings and rostering of workers according to crew rotation and travel schedules. The platform also comes with standard API integrations with major third-party systems.

Critically, the ability to determine the most optimal logistics capacity based on forecasted demand and historic data trends helps decarbonize personnel and material logistics, supporting net-zero emissions and ESG targets. Digitizing logistics also drives major business benefits. It can reduce logistics operational expenditure by 15-20% and technology cost of ownership by 30-40%, while ensuring 100% safety and regulatory compliance. Generating full visibility of personnel and material movement increases staff productivity, supported by automation and innovative technology integrations. It also brings the tools and a collective energy to further embrace the optimization of logistics operations and create smarter business models.

4M Yearly Workforce Bookings

4M Yearly
Workforce Bookings

3M Yearly Material Tonnes

3M Yearly
Material Tonnes

80 RemoteCamps

80 Remote

300 OffshoreLocations

300 Offshore

iLogistics Modules

Demand Planning

Demand Planning & Capacity Forecasting

Enhance personnel & material logistics planning with easy demand Vs supply simulations based on demand forecasts and historical data trends.

Value Accelerators

With more millennials becoming part of the energy industry workforce, we lead a generational step change by offering self-service mobility apps, handheld scanner apps and touchless travel technologies to manage oil and gas logistics, mining logistics, wind farm logistics and field accommodation operations thereby driving productivity and enabling paperless supply chain operations.

iLogistics Go Traveler App

Workforce travelers can easily manage their crew rotations and end-to-end travel itinerary from home to work sites via aviation, marine & ground modes of transportation including accommodation at remote camps & deep-water offshore installations. The app offers a unique & personalized experience with self service travel management, easy language settings, preferred seat selection, quick supervisor approvals, easy self check-ins  and promoting traveller involvement in sustainability efforts for a net-zero supply chain. Checkout iLogistics go at iOS and android play stores today. 

iLogistics Check In App

Make life easy for field dispatchers with tablet based smart check-in of travelers at airports, heliports, marine terminals, camps & offshore locations in a touchless way by simply scanning iLogistics Go QR codes/RFID/smart badges. The app supports offline capability to power check-in operations at remote worksites and deep-water installations with poor network connectivity.

Download iLogistics Check In app at iOS and android play stores today. 

iLogistics Cargo Scanner App

Take a leap forward towards improving supply chain operational efficiency and visibility with handheld scanning of barcode/RFID/NFC tags for quick receipts of cargo while in-transit and at final destination. Simply scan the tags to complete cargo loading to trucks, vessels and cages to take full control of last mile logistics. All our apps are  seamlessly connected with iLogistics cloud technology platform for end to end material logistics and workforce logistics management.

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