Logistics optimizer

Helping the oil and gas, mining and renewable energy industry reduce CO2 emissions and cost-per-barrel while maximizing demand fulfillment. Cloud-based mathematical modelling optimizes people and material logistics operations to support net zero and ESG goals.

Module Overview

Logistics Optimizer

Deploy cloud based mathematical models to optimize long-term strategic and short-term operational logistics planning. Easy simulations allow planners to run scenarios and visualize capacity demands and plan for contingencies with aviation logistics, marine logistics and ground transportation.

Strategic Logistics Planning

  • Marine and helicopter type optimization – identification of helicopter types (e.g.: Sikorsky 92, AW139, Bell 412) and vessel types (e.g.: PSV, AHTS) that minimize GHG emissions and offshore logistics costs
  • Marine and helicopter logistics optimization – selection of helicopters and vessels that optimize drilling campaigns and production support
  • Charter aircraft type and airport hub optimization – identification of charter aircraft types (e.g.: DHC 8, Embraer 190) and airport hubs to maximize project demand fulfillment
  • Fly-In Fly-Out (FIFO) crew schedule optimization – crew rotation schedules and crew change days for optimized logistics scheduling

Operational Logistics Planning

  • Transport mode optimization – selection of optimal mode of transport for offshore passenger transport under a set of dynamic operational constraints (including weather)
  • Route optimization – optimal route scheduling of charter aircrafts, helicopters, crew boats, supply vessels, trucks, cars and buses
  • Helicopter and boat optimization - Optimal helicopters and boats to be utilized on any given day under operational constraints
Logistics Optimizer

Key Features

Logistics Network Optimization

  • Reduced carbon emissions and logistics costs
  • Optimal logistics network and hubs - airports, heliports, marine ports and land terminals
  • Optimal fleet mix (charter aircraft types, helicopter types, boat types, bus types)
  • Optimal mode of transport (helicopter /vessel and charter flight /bus)
  • Camp accommodation optimization
  • Flexibility to add new business constraints

Scenario Planning & What-If Simulations

  • Easy ‘what if?’ scenario analysis and simulations
  • Visualization and easy comparison of scenario metrics
  • Historical trend analysis and forecasts
  • Integrated people and material logistics management
  • Reduced manual Interventions with automated pre-manifest/loading list

Drilling Logistics Optimization

  • Optimal helicopter and boat types to support offshore drilling campaigns
  • Optimal land fleet types and vehicle routing to support onshore drilling and construction programs
  • Optimal Personnel On Board (POB) accommodation capacity
  • Non Productive Time (NPT) reductions

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