Material logistics

Empowering drilling operators, oil and gas, mining and renewable companies to achieve on-time, safe and cost-effective delivery of supplies with collaborative asset sharing, AI driven load consolidation, optimal routing, logistics control tower and 360 degree visibility of the material supply chain.

Module Overview

Marine Cargo Transportation

Optimize load consolidation and enhance the utilization of vessels while improving marine safety, reliability and efficiency. iLogistics transforms marine logistics by delivering demand and supply planning, space optimization, vessel route optimization, deck load planning, bulk material planning, dispatching, e-manifesting, electronic vessel logging and real-time asset tracking. Reduce Non Productive Time (NPT) of drilling rigs, production fields and wind turbine installations caused by material delays. Optimize your marine spend by avoiding costly spot hires, effective space management, early rental equipment returns, improved deck utilization and efficient bulk tank inventory management.
Marine Cargo Transportation
Trucking Operations

Trucking Operations

Achieve operational excellence with land transportation of drilling rigs and materials, in particular cargo baskets, tubular loads, fabricated units, oversized loads and bulk materials (water, chemicals, condensate, mud, fuel). Tap into your potential to reduce 30 - 40 % of line hauling costs through paperless workflows, load consolidation, logistics optimization and collaboration among regional operators and haulers with safe, cost-effective and reliable trucking practices.

Drones For Multi Modal Last Mile Delivery

Optimize your last mile delivery with innovative solutions utilizing  unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. iLogistics offers an intelligent cargo logistics technology platform with automated transport mode selection among drones, helicopters, trucks and supply vessels, considering cargo specification, fleet availability, costs and other operational constraints including hazardous weather.
Drones For Multi Modal Last Mile Delivery

Key Features

Reduced Logistics Spend

  • Long-term material and equipment demand planning
  • Well plans, product catalogues and activity plans
  • Tracking of high-cost rental equipments and cargo baskets
  • Vessel route optimization
  • Fuel management and bulk distribution

Marine Sharing & Logistics Collaboration

  • Vessel sharing & logistics collaboration
  • Vessel activity planning and tracking
  • Remaining on Board (ROB) management
  • Hazardous & dangerous goods compliance
  • Effective supplier collaboration

Reduced Non Productive Time

  • Logistics control tower 
  • Track & Trace platform
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility
  • Waste profiling and backloads

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