Mining logistics

Make it easy for mine managers to schedule and track material and workforce movement. Automated cage scheduling and material receipts deliver efficient underground personnel and cargo logistics operations, eliminating congestion and delays.

Module Overview

Underground Mining Logistics Operations

Transform underground mining logistics operations by streamlining the flow of materials and workers – increasing productivity and delivering substantial cost reductions, end-to-end visibility and safety compliance. Ensure optimal cage utilization and deliver efficient material & personnel logistics operations through shafts without congestion and delays.
Underground Mining Logistics Operations

Open Pit Mining Logistics Operations

Optimize open-pit mining logistics operations with integrated management of people supply chain (demand planning, workforce transportation via commercial airlines, FIFO charters & buses, camp accommodation) and material supply chain (material demand planning, inventory optimization, optimal routing of trucks & trains, material receipts, warehouse logistics, waste management). Achieve 360-degree supply chain visibility of material handling and earth-moving equipments including shovels, dozers, hauling trucks, and loaders.

Key Features

Supply Chain Visibility

  • Real time visibility of material logistics, fly-in fly out (FIFO) workforce travel and accommodation
  • Quick worker check-ins through kiosks and tablets
  • IOT Integration (smart badge/RFID/NFC) for real time POB tracking
  • Mining logistics optimization

Site Inventory Optimization

  • Mobile app-based material movement authorizations
  • Mobile based material receipts
  • Real-time inventory tracking

Demand Planning & Automated Cage Scheduling

  • Long-term material logistics and workforce travel demand planning
  • Optimal cage run and delivery route planning
  • Improved cage utilisation with cage loading factor assessments
  • Shaft and truck capacity planning

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