Personnel logistics

Integrated cloud technology platform for oil & gas, mining and renewable energy operators to manage end-to-end personnel travel and logistics by aviation, marine and land transportation - helping personnel arrive safely.

Module Overview

Onshore FIFO Charter Flight Operations

iLogistics Personnel Logistics provides a 'commercial travel' like experience for Fly-In Fly Out (FIFO) personnel while they travel to and back from work sites. Improve workforce travel productivity and workforce well-being with integrated end-to-end travel itinerary, mobile apps, map based seat selection, self-service check-in kiosks, 24/7 web check-in, multi-level approval workflow configurations and mobile boarding passes, integrated with iLogistics Accommodation module.

Onshore FIFO Charter Flight Operations
Ground Transportation by Bus, Car & Train

Ground Transportation by Bus, Car & Train

iLogistics Ground Transportation enables planning, scheduling, executing and reporting by land transport modes including coach buses, airport shuttle buses, trains, taxi cars and pool cars with unique capabilities for self-service booking, configurable seat maps, handheld check-ins, hand held meet & greets, driver app, automated seat confirmations and text alerts. Reduce land transportation incidents through dynamic risk assessment and safe journey management based on real-time driver, vehicle and route data feeds.

Offshore Helicopter Operations

Drive productivity, collaboration and efficiency with managing offshore crew transportation by helicopters. Collaborate with regional operators through helicopter flight seat sharing and configurable cost allocation models and set  site specific business rules to enforce compliance to travel, safety and training requirements including HUET, BOSIET, Medical, drug & alcohol, and no fly list.
Offshore Helicopter Operations
Marine Crew Boat Operations

Marine Crew Boat Operations

Manage and track personnel logistics by crew boats , surfers, alucats and river crew boats for offshore oil and gas logistics, river crew change and offshore windfarm logistics operations. Collaborate with business partners through marine seat sharing, ensure personnel security and safety compliance with configurable certifications, and deploy end-to-end paperless operations.

End-To-End Workforce Logistics & Accommodations

An integrated & intelligent platform to manage end to end workforce logistics covering commercial air travel, charter flights, helicopters, crew boats, buses, trains and cars together with accommodations at worksites, camps and offshore installations. Real time personnel tracking gives you complete supply chain visibility to ensure safety & compliance of personnel through complex inter-connected multi-modal logistics networks under harsh weather conditions.

Key Features

Integrated Personnel Logistics & Accommodation

  • End-to-end personnel logistics management covering commercial and charter airlines, helicopters, crew boats, cars, buses and trains, plus accommodation at camps and offshore assets
  • Single integrated itinerary
  • End-to-end people supply chain visibility
  • Seamless integration with Global Distribution System and Travel Management Companies

Crew Schedule Automation & Bookings

  • Demand forecasting & long term fleet planning 
  • Fully automated FIFO (Fly-In Fly-out) rotator/crew scheduling, reservations and bulk booking portal for travel coordinators
  • Personnel self booking app
  • Management of trip disruptions 
  • IOT-enabled baggage tracking 
  • IATA standard baggage and cargo tags

Safety Compliance

  • Compliance on travel documents, training certifications and expiry alerts
  • Digital health passport and self declarations
  • Multi-level travel authorization workflows
  • POB tracking & HSE compliance
  • Safe and compliant frog crew transfers

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