Terminal & shore base operations

Empowering oil and gas, mining and renewable shore base operators to optimize operations with integrated forecasting, scheduling and monitoring of logistics services – achieving operational excellence while enhancing safety and supporting environmentally responsible practices.

Module Overview

Marine Supply Base Operations

Cloud technology solution to optimize facility planning of berths, yards, quayside & warehouses and improve utilization of assets including cranes, forklifts, generators, man lifts, tractors, vacuum trucks, trailers, ISO tanks and vehicles at supply base, to support offshore marine material logistics operations.
Marine Supply Base Operations
Fixed Base Operations (FBO)

Fixed Base Operations (FBO)

Streamline airport and heliport operations by integrating workforce logistics services for charter airlines and helicopters, including baggage handling, departure control, aviation fuel and supplies planning and airport staff allocations.

Land Terminal Operations

Get better control of last-mile logistics and improve the utilization of shore base facilities, assets and staffs supporting ground transport terminal operations at airports, base camps, bus stations, train stations and truck stations, involving trans-shipment facilities, consolidation of consignments and inter-modal passenger transfer.
Land Terminal Operations
Waste Management

Waste Management

A collaborative platform for oil and gas corporations, service providers and waste treatment contractors to enable the safe, reliable and efficient handling, storage, transportation and disposal of waste in line with regional and international standards. The solution offers end-to-end waste management by enabling safe, reliable and efficient handling, storage, transportation and disposal of wastes.

Key Features

Accurate staff forecasting and cost control

  • Easy crew selection and rotation/shift planning
  • Crew timesheet consolidation and reconciliation
  • Staff and asset forecasting using historical data
  • Asset utilization benchmarks and performance analysis

Reliable fuel/bulk supplies and tank ROB management

  • Bulk, fuel and MGO stock management
  • Fuel performance analysis
  • Automated stock replenishment and refueling alerts
  • Integrated people and material logistics management

High level of service quality and demand fulfilment

  • Minimize waiting times of vessels and trucks
  • Automated service requests for lifting, berthing, and loading area assignments
  • Automated job tickets for drivers, bulk discharges, maintenance inspection, etc.
  • Improved staff services and productivity with mobile friendly activity logs

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