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Innovative, versatile and comprehensive, iTravel Hospitality is IBS’ next generation enterprise travel management platform representing the future of travel connectivity. The iTravel Hospitality product suite is an intelligent, flexible, and automated sales and distribution platform that brings together travel providers and their distribution partners. This real-time platform can support the most complex merchandising strategies, giving travel buyers the ability to shop, price, book and pay for their lodging across the globe, on virtually all devices.

Hospitality Solutions
Demand Gateway

Hospitality Solutions

Demand Gateway

The Demand Gateway is the most advanced multi-channel inventory aggregation & distribution platform available today. A truly integrated solution, Demand Gateway can coherently adapt to the way you uniquely do business and help you create more value from your user interactions. Focused on relevance, we work with you to connect with the partners suited to your strategy. Capitalizing on the rich network we’ve built over years of experience, Demand Gateway can give you that competitive edge while also concurrently expanding your universe of customers.

The Demand Gateway Distribution Platform enables hotel companies to effectively and efficiently manage demand by allowing you to customize your distribution reach and centralize operations, decreasing costs and increasing revenue. Our advanced platform is designed to fully and easily integrate with most commercial reservations and revenue management systems. Serving as a distribution platform connecting a hotel’s Property Management System (PMS), Central Reservation System (CRS) and/or Revenue Management System, the Demand Gateway provides robust interfaces to suit each of your distribution partner’s needs, streamlining their operations. Through a single interface from a central reservation or property management system to our platform, you gain immediate access to our Demand Partner Network that includes many leading travel distributors across the global marketplace.

The Demand Gateway’s highly scalable design empowers hotels to offer your products and services in more innovative ways such as flash sales, free night promotions, room upgrades or dynamic packaging, enhancing your merchandising capabilities & increasing revenues.

Ancillary Products

As revenue opportunities from the sale of destination activities and other non-room products pick up momentum in the hotel industry, we believe there is great potential for travel suppliers to become differentiated players by offering excellent up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Explore unlimited possibilities & enjoy higher conversion rates by gaining access to a wide array of ancillary products via the Demand Gateway and strike the right balance between your brand & your customers in making the right targeted offerings.

  • Configure & sell ancillary services – flexibility to categorize services & control by various parameters
  • Define offers and packages specific to various online channels such as mobile, social media etc. with customized pass keys.
  • Configure partner programs & loyalty programs at the property level.
  • Provide personalization capabilities


Drive more direct bookings to your hotel’s direct channel by getting real time inventory & best rate information via Demand Gateway interfaces.

The Demand Gateway platform will help you get more out of your metasearch connectivity campaigns and help reduce costs by automating most of the manual processes involved in publication of metasearch inventory and rates.

  • Increase direct bookings to your property web site
  • Send inventory & best rate information via Demand Gateway interfaces
  • Increase Brand awareness
  • Lower distribution costs

For tour operators, online travel agencies (OTAs), tour wholesalers and airlines, this next generation connectivity framework serves as the single source to an exhaustive supply of hotel inventory, rates, content, ancillary services and destination activities from the vast array of suppliers in the network. This cloud-based platform allows you to electronically aggregate content, availability and pricing as well as communicate confirmed bookings in real-time. Our Supply Partner Network of leading suppliers worldwide provides unrivalled access to cost-effective supply, efficiently powering your application or e-commerce platform. The Demand Gateway is equipped to seamlessly integrate with diverse business models owing to a highly scalable architecture.


Save time, increase efficiency & gain global access, thanks to our virtual travel payment solution, offered to Distribution Partner subscribers.

In partnership with a leading B2B virtual payment expert WEX, we offer our partners:

  • Integrated virtual card technology
  • Automated hotel payment processing
  • One-to-one reconciliation
  • Payment options for 20+ currencies

Hospitality Solutions

Private Label Portal

The Private Label Portal (PLP) equips hotels and other suppliers with an online branded portal that tour operators, travel agencies and affinity organizations can directly access in order to shop their preferred rates and book in real-time. Not only will this help you reach out to and automate contracting processes with small tour operators and distribution channels but also serve niche travel markets across the world that you otherwise did not have access to.

The PLP ensures, you enjoy greater visibility and control over your bookings while also expanding your reach and product set. With robust features such as push messaging, promotions and deals, the IBS PLP can be used for corporate travel, loyalty clubs, groups and travel agencies. The IBS PLP helps reduce your distribution costs by giving you complete control over your retailing process.


  • Highly secure solution with protected login id/password & low risk – no manual intervention for reservations or manual updates/spreadsheets to customers
  • Exceptionally flexible with features such as multi-rate & multi-currency support, flexi search options with flexible dates calendar, multi room search, promo codes
  • Excellent reporting & tracking capabilities giving you complete control over your search results
  • Speed to market with standardized customer template creation for quick sign-on

Hospitality Solutions

Internet Booking Engine

The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) runs on top of the powerful and resilient Demand Gateway platform and can be integrated with multiple properties. Easily exchangeable for your current booking platforms, our IBE seamlessly integrates with your systems avoiding costly changes to your existing IT landscape. Connecting with your backend inventory & reservation management systems, the IBE offers a wide variety of features that facilitate easy & prompt bookings for your guests resulting in more conversions.


Intuitive & Flexible Design

Customizes easily with the booking engine’s rich interactive user interfaces with flexible and platform-agnostic designs

Merchandising Flexibility

Configures packages specific to online channels with customized pass keys, loyalty and partner programs and enables up-sell & cross-sell abilities

Ancillary Support

Configures ancillary services with flexibility to categorize services & control by factors such as dates, inventory & pricing

Single Hub Connectivity

Offers best-rate plans to your guests and manages rate parity across distribution platforms by utilizing the Demand Gateway to feed both IBE and external channels

Simplified Bookings

Simple 3-step booking process supports unique & “super” confirmation numbers for specific and multiple property bookings, respectively

Easy Payments

Flexibility to set up multiple payment modes configured by property type/offer type

Round the clock availability

24/7 up-time availability and ability to deliver quick response to user requests

Consulting Services

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Creating value for customer by applying novel technology solutions to meaningful business problems.

Delivering effective future-proof solutions driven by business outcome.

Long term engagements delivering outstanding value to the customer leading to mutual growth. 

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