Direct B2C Sales Engines

Driving Direct Channel Hotel Sales though Intuitive, Tailored Solutions

iHospitality redefines the capabilities available to hoteliers to address online engagement and conversion through digital channels directly owned by the hotel.  The iHospitality suite of booking engines provides unrivaled flexibility, integration and testability. From our newly developed IBE for transient leisure guests to our online group booking tool, our solutions allow you to exceed your customer’s desire for a better self-service experience.

Direct B2C Sales Engines


Driving Conversion through Our Focus on the End User

Designed to “Be Direct” – iHospitality Retail delivers unmatched flexibility and scale of distribution for independent hoteliers and mid-scale chains. Easily exchangeable for your current booking platforms, iHospitality Retail seamlessly integrates with your systems, avoiding costly changes to your existing IT landscape. Increase conversion rates by leveraging iHospitality Retail to deliver a simple, intuitive and responsive user experience across all devices to make direct bookings fast and simple. Our bookers maximize your return on digital investment through ancillary sales and packaging.


Intuitive & Flexible Design

Mobile first, modular design optimized to span across today’s devices and browsers.


Supports single-property, multi-property, and brand level shopping along with ancillary services with flexibility to categorize services & control by factors such as dates, inventory & pricing.

Reliability and Extensibility

Connecting with your backend inventory & reservation management systems; offering the best-rate plans to your guests and managing rate parity across distribution platforms.

Simplified Bookings

Grouped and filtered presentation of properties and rooms to optimize customer decision points, moving users seamlessly through the booking path in 3 simple steps with flexible payment options.

Business Intelligence

Built in analytics, integrated with your current platforms and pricing engines facilitating revenue tracking and dynamic pricing strategies based on live demand, supply and customer profile data.

Merchandising Opportunities

Configures packages specific to online channels with customized pass keys, loyalty and partner programs. Options to drive urgency and value messaging.  Enables unique up-sell & cross-sell abilities.


Engaging Self-Managed Groups with Real Time Rates and Availability

The iHospitality Groups solution is an automated sourcing solution, based on our collaboration with Lexyl Technologies. The Groups booking platform offers a custom white-label website, which enables all types of leisure groups to access simple, prompt and secure bookings. The solution meets the desire of small groups to be quoted and booked directly, while allowing for group sales follow up if the group needs individual attention.

iHospitality Groups


Real-Time Connectivity

Offers instant group quotes with dynamic pricing utilizing the IHospitality Gateway platform, which can be deployed for direct and third-party group business.

Easy Payments

The group organizer has the option to pay for all the rooms or provide a link to individual group participants for online room reservations and payments.

Cost Management

Opportunity for Supplier to significantly reduce costs and increase revenue, while simultaneously delivering higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Online Group Bookings

Allows the shopper to instantly accept and begin the reservation of rooms. Any group RFPs outside the Business rules are quickly forwarded to the sales team for a traditional quoting and booking process.

Consulting Services

Domain Solutions for Digital Transformation

Solve Customer’s business problems and meet their business objectives using domain knowledge, technology competence and innovation capabilities.

Creating value for customer by applying novel technology solutions to meaningful business problems.

Delivering effective future-proof solutions driven by business outcome.

Long term engagements delivering outstanding value to the customer leading to mutual growth. 

Consulting and Digital Transformation