Omni-Channel Distribution

Driving Direct Channel Hotel Sales though Intuitive, Tailored Solutions

iHospitality Gateway takes the concepts of one-to-many “connecting” and “channel management” to the next level. 

Omni-Channel Distribution
iHospitality Gateway Source Connector


Source Connector

The Source Connector centralizes and augments the hotel’s capabilities to maintain a strategy-driven distribution program across multiple channel types and regions, from the largest OTA to the specialized affinity seller to the professional meeting planner.  The advanced connectivity framework allows suppliers to distribute transient as well as group-centric content, availability, and pricing via industry-standard messaging (Open Travel/HTNG), allowing the hotel to develop once and connect to all others in the network.  The Source Connector offers different connectivity models for suppliers, including push, pull and seamless.  Revenue-Management System integration is available to further automate rapid application of intelligence-based decision-making in an ever-changing, fast-paced situation.


Control Center

Our “Control Center” intuitive cloud-based console puts unmatched capabilities into the hands of distribution, revenue management and marketing personnel within the hotel group, augmenting and optimizing the administration of touchpoints within the distribution landscape.  The Control Center is an easy-to-use graphical web-based toolkit that provides intuitive support for decision-making and syndication of broad changes in real time, across diverse distribution points.  Nested rate structures simplify the management of promotions.

iHospitality Gateway Control Center

The Control Center also provides administrative tools to easily manage group availability, rates and inventory, along with booking, modifications and cancellations. It includes current group block status, search for group rates, and create unconfirmed rooming lists. The groups booking platform can provide configurable automated alerts when the house inventory is fast depleting against the total pending reservations in a rooming list.

In addition to industry-standard pricing, rules application and restriction features, the Control Center offers unique capabilities that simplify administration and boost promotional campaign effectiveness.


Extended Stay

The policy allows Suppliers to create stay based promotions, i.e. Stay 3 nights and get a 10% discount.

Rateplan Escalation

Allows hotel suppliers to create  blended rateplans from multiple source rateplans, creating offers which include the best rate by day to be offered up for booking.

Advanced Occupancy Restriction

Provides complete flexibility in defining the party mix allowed per room type.

Fluctuating Margins

Contracted margins can be fluctuated by partner, product, date range, etc. This tool is often used to create promotional margins over need periods.

Flexible Restrictions

Restrictions can be managed from the House level, product level and channel level depending on the Hotel’s specific rate.

Groups Flexible Shopping

Provides visibility to group block inventory counts, so that event planners, tour operators and group organizers can move quickly through the RFP process.

Manage Group Contracts

The Block Manager allows a hotel property to configure multiple blocks, room type and rate plan assignments to the block and add programs such as complimentary room rules. The blocks can be configured with allocations specific to rooms or against all rooms associated with the property.

Manual Process Reduction for Groups

Booking management allows multiple rooming lists to hold reservations against a block along with modifications and cancelations, thereby enabling the event specialists to make quicker decisions and capture business faster.

Centralized Group Data

Where the PMS (property management system) serves as the centralized source for group booking data, reservations against the block are confirmed with PMS confirmation id's by synchronizing reservations to rooming lists, whereby parity is maintained between block allocations and house inventory consumption.

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