A highly configurable loyalty platform that drives airline revenues through new member engagement and partnership models.

Are you ready to deploy an unrestrained and cutting-edge loyalty program?

Say goodbye to lengthy, expensive, and resource-intensive loyalty systems customizations that take an IT army to push through. Or even worse, scrapping innovative program designs and ideas because of systems limitations.

Leading airlines worldwide use iLoyal to power their reward schemes and drive revenues through agile program design, partner integration, and gamified member engagement opportunities.

The platform's sophisticated data and analytics provide airlines with a 360-degree customer view, allowing highly targeted and segmented campaigns for B2C and B2B audiences. Advanced automation, a powerful rules engine, and a rich set of APIs combine with your partner ecosystem to dynamically package and personalize offers. Real-time transactions enabled, from search to redemption to fraud prevention, iLoyal’s secure platform drives program growth and revenues for the world’s top airlines.

Deployed through a SaaS model, airlines can enjoy full, end-to-end platform integration or select specific modules of the iLoyal portfolio for an independent or phased implementation. Built using microservices and containerization, iLoyal is highly configurable, allowing loyalty leaders to sidestep painstaking systems customizations and drive innovative program designs. An open systems approach facilitates partner integration to accelerate value delivery to program members. The platform's flexibility offers unmatched agility to develop, launch, test, monitor, and adapt new products and services. iLoyal's modern cloud architecture instantly scales to business needs and lowers platform maintenance and upgrade costs, driving operational efficiency and increased productivity.

R&D spend today builds tomorrow's success. Ongoing investment in iLoyal's dynamic development roadmap leads to the continuous release of rich business features and engagement capabilities. Our innovative and flexible mission-critical systems, in addition to our customer-centric approach and implementation track record, are what set IBS Software apart in travel technology.

220 Million+Annual PaxProcessed

220 Million+
Annual Pax

150 Million+Members

150 Million+

2000+Partnerships across25 Industries

Partnerships across
25 Industries

1 Billion+Earn & Burn Activities per year

1 Billion+
Earn & Burn
Activities per year

iLoyal Modules

Loyalty Management System

Empowers airlines with powerful tools for end-to-end loyalty program management. Capabilities range from program design and creation to business rules setting for partner management and billing, day-to-day operational aspects, to month-end financial accounting and liability reporting. The system supports a "single customer record" strategy across all channels.

Feature highlights:

  • Program design: allows business users to manage multiple B2C and B2B programs
  • Rules engine: allows business rules setting for end-to-end loyalty processes
  • Communication: deploys personalized, multi-channel communications
  • Rewards: allows program members to pay for services partly or entirely using points
  • Accruals: offers a comprehensive and end-to-end experience to members by providing endless possibilities to cash in on earn opportunities
  • Memberships: end-to-end member management, from enrolment to service requests
  • Reports: standard reports to keep track of real-time operations
  • Accounting: tracks the monetary aspects of all loyalty transactions
  • Administration: user profile management and privileges assignment

A flexible digital wallet for a winning travel credits strategy

Travel credits, like vouchers or flight credits, kick-in when travel plans change, whether caused by the airline, the traveler, or force majeure. But a change in plans doesn't have to lead to lost revenues for airlines, nor friction for travelers.

An effective travel credit strategy, supported by a cutting-edge digital wallet, sets the ground for win-win outcomes. Yet, most airlines still struggle to manage travel credits, causing frustration to their customers and lost revenues for them. It doesn't have to be that way. Five ways IBS Software's digital wallet can help:

  • A customer-centric user experience
  • Highly flexible redemption deployment options
  • Improved cash retention through deeper customer engagement
  • Analytics-driven management approach
  • Increased efficiency and cost-savings through automation
A flexible digital wallet for a winning travel credits strategy

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