Empowering ocean cargo

Revolutionizing ocean cargo sales and revenue management with a data-driven platform
that increases competitiveness and prevents revenue leakage.

Ready to transform your ocean cargo business?

Overcapacity, record ship orders, tumbling prices, and supply chain inefficiencies jeopardize ocean cargo profitability. With too many vessels chasing the same cargo, how do you get the competitive edge and grow revenue in a cut-throat marketplace? Innovative technology that enables agile management practices is part of the answer.

iCargo Ocean is a transformative platform for ocean cargo sales and revenue management. By automating highly configurable workflows, the modular platform streamlines and optimizes the entire quote-to-cash process, generating unmatched end-to-end accuracy and efficiency.

Harnessing the massive data generated daily in ocean cargo through modern analytics, iCargo Ocean delivers executable insights into customer behavior and demand trends. Capitalizing on this information enables ocean liners to accelerate value creation, exploit emerging opportunities, mitigate risks, and prevent revenue leakage.

iCargo Ocean´s cutting-edge digital tools provide instant visibility across sales and pricing, enabling your business to align seamlessly with real-time market conditions and available capacity. Easy access to critical data supported by advanced ML capabilities facilitates detailed business performance analysis - from evaluating pricing accuracy and product configurations to optimizing route and network planning.

iCargo Ocean´s flexible and scalable architecture allows innovative business strategies, models, and partnerships to be launched to market quickly, at scale. As a cloud-native off-the-shelf SaaS platform, iCargo Ocean integrates seamlessly into the ocean cargo systems landscape and reduces the IT total cost of ownership.



A powerful solution for businesses looking to optimize their pricing strategies, streamline workflows, and improve bid negotiations and pricing accuracy. iCargo Ocean Price delivers precise and competitive offers in just a few clicks through its streamlined and automated quote tool with instant contract creation and tracking, if required.

Key benefits:

  • Deploy innovative pricing strategies at scale: Streamline core market rate-setting process, boost revenue with ancillary add-ons, and automate deployment across the network
  • Enable business process automation: Integrated module with workflows and rules that delivers seamless execution and control
  • Prevent revenue leakage: Eliminate billing errors through automated rating service
  • Deliver superior customer service: Improve turn time by eliminating process redundancy and inconsistency and enable customer self-service.
  • Market-relevant solution: Robust investment plan to update the product in line with evolving industry needs

Core Group of Influence

iCargo Ocean´s Core Group of Influence (CGI) is a collaborative and innovation-focused customer community that explores emerging industry trends and influences product roadmap investments. Research and development allocations are determined based on our customers´ real and dynamic business needs, ensuring iCargo Ocean evolves continuously.

While activities are ongoing throughout the year, the CGI culminates with an annual event where customers come together to network, discuss industry dynamics, and formalize roadmap decisions. Two-way innovation sessions ensure we can present our latest product enhancements and ideas while collating customer feedback regarding their evolving needs.

IBS Software Cargo Forum Delhi, 2023


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