Crew Apps

Hardware independent & multi device compatible

Centralized management of critical operations manned by the crew are optimized by mobile apps specifically designed and developed for the crew. These mobile solutions are well integrated with onboard and reservation data points to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Crew Apps


Crew Apps

The tablet based Ship Partner PMS enables the crew to adapt to the needs of the guest onboard to render exceptional services, while optimizing critical operational processes that covers the entire spectrum of onboard activities and operations dealing with Souls Onboard.


Shorex Manifesting

Creates seamless manifesting for shore excursions, from onboard ticketless booking of shore excursions to tracking guests throughout the shore experience including transit


E-muster module with its mobile app integrated muster station assignment capabilities enables crew to be prepared at all times and make the fastest response

Visitor Management

Supports Visitor Management from check-in to disembarkation. IBS is proposing to build a Visitor Portal integrated within Viking Ocean’s website to facilitate the overall visitor registration process online.


Mobile Gangway management simplifies ship access management for guests, visitors and crew alike while allowing cruise lines  easily track movement