Mobile Platform for Cruise Guests

Onboard Services are now a Touch Away

The Guest Navigator app creates a seamless travel experience for cruise line guests by guiding them through the transitional stages of their vacation by anticipating needs and reacting in real time. The mobile app will help cruise lines tap into the growing market of travelers, given their social connectivity and mobile first interactions.

Guest Navigator App


iTravel Guest Navigator App

Built on next-gen mobile frameworks and design that allows for fast & easy customization by cruise lines to fit individual marketing and branding needs. The app also seamlessly integrates with Reservation, PMS, CRM and CMS systems for optimal functional coverage. The mobile app can be deployed to App Store™, Play Store™ and other app market-places and is compatible with all devices.

iTravel Guest Navigator App


Fleet & Vessel Information

Ability to highlight the elegance & grandeur of the fleet and voyages by providing interactive options to explore real-time overview of ship’s position, speed, heading & course while cruising, manoeuvring, piloting or docking.

Itinerary Information

Comprehensive details about the voyage to help customers manage their journey hassle free. Pre-Post cruise booking details that will help customers manage a travel dairy to make the best of their time.

Shore Excursion Reservations

Makes shore excursions easily accessible to customers through vivid content & availability, with the option to reserve recommended product listing focused on customer preferences.

Dining Reservations

Lets customers discover onboard culinary delights put together by award-winning chefs, enabling customers to choose (room service or to dine-in), provide reviews, decide gratuity and share experiences.

Check-in/out with Virtual Key

The Virtual key feature in the app makes it possible for customers to use their smartphones to unlock cabin doors and access other designated areas. Driven by Bluetooth technology, the virtual key will use standalone device authentication improving visibility and real-time communication throughout the journey.

Tour Guide

The Tour Guide feature will allow customers to discover about the city of call including attractions, must-visit places, areas of interest, accommodation options and other related information using spatial services.

Push Notifications

Include images, GIFs, videos, or audio files directly in push notifications for more compelling messages that would be useful for customers to know on-board. The app provides the ability to enable push notifications for both online and offline modes.


The Survey and Feedback functionality will be available to position surveys to customers and solicit feedback on a wide range of product and service categories. The survey questionnaire is fully dynamic and customization can be extended to the specific customer, itinerary, ship level, etc.

Social Media Integration

Gets customers to interact with family and friends via all popular social media channels. The app will guide customers to publish user-generated content on social media including photos, videos, reviews and likes.