iCargo Mail

iCargo Mail tracks mail received by the carrier from receipt to handover at the destination, allowing for bulk assignment of mail to flights or containers. The tracking process includes scanning the mail, following its progress, and exchanging electronic messages with Postal Administrations (PAs) at various journey milestones. iCargo Mail is also capable of generating pre-advice and providing key information regarding data such as mail barcodes and acceptance/delivery.

iCargo Mail


  • Manage The Mailing Process

    Receives reports for the complete history of a mail receptacle from the time of receipt by the airline to the point of hand-over.

  • CARDIT/RESDIT Messaging

    UPU standard EDIFACT messages are supported by the system. CARDIT messages are received from the PAs, parsed and stored in the system. The corresponding RESDIT messages are generated based on the mail operations carried out, and sent back to the PAs.

  • Barcode Enabled Operations

    iCargo Mail supports UPU standard 29 character barcode label generation, reading and barcode scanner enabled operations. The RF enabled barcode scanning function enables real time update of information, eliminates redundancy of data capture and increases data quality.

  • Mail Revenue Accounting

    Ensures real time availability of mail data for revenue accounting processes, duly minimizing need for data feed for external systems.

  • Reports and Advice

    Generates various exception reports showing details such as invalid messages, flights not reconciled, mail not received/uplifted/handed over, operational reports such as Flight Manifests and Summary Reports, Dispatch Details Report, Substitute Delivery Bills and Pre-advice based on the CARDIT messages from the PAs.

iCargo CTO

iCargo CTO – IBS’ ground handling solution, addresses the functional requirements of both airlines handling their own shipments at self-handled facilities as well as ground handling agents that provide specific cargo handling facilities to carriers.

The system is designed to support multi-airport operations and multi-warehouse operations, which makes it possible for multiple airports to be connected to one central system whilst the data is aggregated in one logical database. It also facilitates sharing of mission critical data such as flight manifests, shipment information, tariffs, and industry standard rules across airports, thus minimizing data capture and inconsistencies.

iCargo CTO


  • Outbound/Export Operations

    Supports all export side operations such as acceptance of cargo, AWB (Airway Bill) data capture, printing of AWBs and IATA 606 standard barcode labels, capture of load advice (load plan) from carrier, and capture of ULD (Unit Load Device) hand-over or “push-out” details onto ramp, and all the Cargo IMP and Cargo XML messages required for the handling of freight.

  • Inbound/Import Operations

    Supports import operations spanning inbound manifest data capture (or FFM feed), document reconciliation, ULD breakdown, assignment of freight to locations, discrepancy (document or cargo) flagging, delivery note creation along with import charges calculation and collection, and capture of POD and physical cargo hand-over.

  • Transfers

    Facilitates transfers between flights, both ramp and quick transfers, transfers through the warehouse, capture of ACTM (Air Cargo Transfer Manifest) for transfers between carriers and transfers to/from other CTO (Cargo Terminal Operations) facilities.

  • Station Cashiering

    Supports configuration of different modes of payment and station cashiering. iCargo CTO facilitates over the counter revenue transactions - those associated with documentation of export AWBs or at the import side prior to shipment delivery.

  • Measure Monitoring

    Monitors and maintains your shipment handling Quality KPIs and in turn ensures process efficiencies of your system. Provides for easy maintenance of Service Level Agreements agreed with partners such as handled carriers and customers.

  • Cargo iQ CDMP-C

    Reports airline performance objectives to IATA or measures your internal quality levels through in-built CDMP-C capability.

iCargo ULD

iCargo ULD – IBS’ comprehensive ULD (Unit Load Device) management solution provides air cargo terminal operators and handling agents with asset management and tracking capabilities for ULDs including containers and pallets. iCargo ULD also provides advanced capabilities for management of stock and transactions, while also keeping track of maintenance requirements.

iCargo ULD


  • ULD Stock Management

    Maintains ULD characteristics and keeps track of ULD stocks of various carriers operating into the airport in real time.

  • ULD Transaction Management

    Maintains agreements between various parties and provides the flexibility to create and calculate both charges and transactions where applicable.

  • ULD Maintenance

    Captures and tracks the maintenance requirements of ULDs and generates invoices for repairs carried out.

  • ULD Tracking

    Keeps track of the movements of a ULD across various airports/locations within an airport and updates stock levels at airport in real time.

  • ULD Messaging

    Generates, processes and reconciles ULD messages such as UCM OUT and UCM IN messages, SCMs, LUCs and MUCs.

iCargo CRA

iCargo CRA (Cargo Revenue Accounting) automates the cargo revenue accounting process. Being fully integrated with the operations system, iCargo CRA reduces redundancies and associated errors with minimal manual intervention by making airway bill data readily available. iCargo CRA is also equipped to import AWB operational data from any third party Cargo Management system.

iCargo CRA


  • Sales Billing

    Provides ability to generate periodic Export Billing to agents & customers through CASS billing or direct billing functionality for rate audited AWBs and CCAs/DCMs. The Import Billing functionality enables generation of CASS-Imports to agents or direct invoices to GHA for all collect shipments.

  • Flown – Revenue Recognition & Accruals

    The Flown processing capability in iCargo CRA ensures recognition and accounting of flown revenue based on actual flown segments. This automated process will allocate the revenue on the basis of prorated segment values.

    The existing accruals functionality for the flown in iCargo CRA will calculate the accrued revenue values for applicable AWB segments, automatically generate accounting entries and create a report listing the AWBs which formed part of the accruals at the month-end.

  • Interline Settlement

    This modules handles all the incoming & outgoing interline invoices, including Rejection Memos & Billing Memos through SIS or non-SIS mode. The automated process uploads & matches all the incoming claims and flag all mismatches to exception queue. The Proration engine allocates the share of revenue to all the participating carriers in the form of retention, receivable and payable values duly considering the applicable SPA (bilateral agreements), Proviso & Requirements & Prorate Factors.

  • Commissions, Incentives & Taxes

    Set up agents’ commission, volume incentive and GSA commissions in a flexible manner. The flexible Tax Master enables setting up of the tax rates & rules pertaining to different countries and automatically calculates the taxes based on AWB values.

iCargo Airline

iCargo Airline – iCargo’s sales and capacity function, provides the functionality required to manage all aspects of Capacity Management, Allotment Management, Pricing, and Sales. This module helps airlines maximize the revenue earned from the cargo being uplifted on a flight.

iCargo Airline


  • Capacity Initialization

    Based on aircraft type configurations, passenger load factor etc., iCargo can accurately set the available cargo capacity on each flight. It also extends the capability to manage schedule changes, disruptions, and cancellations

  • Allotment Management

    Be it Customer, Product or Point of Sale Allotment- iCargo provides end to end Allotment Management functions to ensure that the allotted capacity yields a set minimum revenue.

  • Tariff and Pricing

    With a wide array of rating parameters, iCargo helps maintain rate cards, combinations of market rates and more. The system also offers capability for ready management & processing of customer spot rate requests.

  • Booking Management

    Maximizes revenue and manages individual customer bookings with its powerful booking engine and provides features such as best-rate picks, embargo, restrictions and co-load ability checks etc.

  • Shipment Visibility

    Provides a real-time view of the shipment status, and end to end visibility of the shipment across life-cycle milestones, even across partners’ carriers.

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