iCargo CRA

iCargo CRA (Cargo Revenue Accounting) automates the cargo revenue accounting process. Being fully integrated with the operations system, iCargo CRA reduces redundancies and associated errors with minimal manual intervention by making airway bill data readily available. iCargo CRA is also equipped to import AWB operational data from any third party Cargo Management system.

iCargo CRA


  • Sales Billing

    Provides ability to generate periodic Export Billing to agents & customers through CASS billing or direct billing functionality for rate audited AWBs and CCAs/DCMs. The Import Billing functionality enables generation of CASS-Imports to agents or direct invoices to GHA for all collect shipments.

  • Flown – Revenue Recognition & Accruals

    The Flown processing capability in iCargo CRA ensures recognition and accounting of flown revenue based on actual flown segments. This automated process will allocate the revenue on the basis of prorated segment values.

    The existing accruals functionality for the flown in iCargo CRA will calculate the accrued revenue values for applicable AWB segments, automatically generate accounting entries and create a report listing the AWBs which formed part of the accruals at the month-end.

  • Interline Settlement

    This modules handles all the incoming & outgoing interline invoices, including Rejection Memos & Billing Memos through SIS or non-SIS mode. The automated process uploads & matches all the incoming claims and flag all mismatches to exception queue. The Proration engine allocates the share of revenue to all the participating carriers in the form of retention, receivable and payable values duly considering the applicable SPA (bilateral agreements), Proviso & Requirements & Prorate Factors.

  • Commissions, Incentives & Taxes

    Set up agents’ commission, volume incentive and GSA commissions in a flexible manner. The flexible Tax Master enables setting up of the tax rates & rules pertaining to different countries and automatically calculates the taxes based on AWB values.