iCargo Airline

iCargo Airline – iCargo’s sales and capacity function, provides the functionality required to manage all aspects of Capacity Management, Allotment Management, Pricing, and Sales. This module helps airlines maximize the revenue earned from the cargo being uplifted on a flight.

iCargo Airline


  • Capacity Initialization

    Based on aircraft type configurations, passenger load factor etc., iCargo can accurately set the available cargo capacity on each flight. It also extends the capability to manage schedule changes, disruptions, and cancellations

  • Allotment Management

    Be it Customer, Product or Point of Sale Allotment- iCargo provides end to end Allotment Management functions to ensure that the allotted capacity yields a set minimum revenue.

  • Tariff and Pricing

    With a wide array of rating parameters, iCargo helps maintain rate cards, combinations of market rates and more. The system also offers capability for ready management & processing of customer spot rate requests.

  • Booking Management

    Maximizes revenue and manages individual customer bookings with its powerful booking engine and provides features such as best-rate picks, embargo, restrictions and co-load ability checks etc.

  • Shipment Visibility

    Provides a real-time view of the shipment status, and end to end visibility of the shipment across life-cycle milestones, even across partners’ carriers.