iCargo CTO

iCargo CTO – IBS’ ground handling solution, addresses the functional requirements of both airlines handling their own shipments at self-handled facilities as well as ground handling agents that provide specific cargo handling facilities to carriers.

The system is designed to support multi-airport operations and multi-warehouse operations, which makes it possible for multiple airports to be connected to one central system whilst the data is aggregated in one logical database. It also facilitates sharing of mission critical data such as flight manifests, shipment information, tariffs, and industry standard rules across airports, thus minimizing data capture and inconsistencies.

iCargo CTO


  • Outbound/Export Operations

    Supports all export side operations such as acceptance of cargo, AWB (Airway Bill) data capture, printing of AWBs and IATA 606 standard barcode labels, capture of load advice (load plan) from carrier, and capture of ULD (Unit Load Device) hand-over or “push-out” details onto ramp, and all the Cargo IMP and Cargo XML messages required for the handling of freight.

  • Inbound/Import Operations

    Supports import operations spanning inbound manifest data capture (or FFM feed), document reconciliation, ULD breakdown, assignment of freight to locations, discrepancy (document or cargo) flagging, delivery note creation along with import charges calculation and collection, and capture of POD and physical cargo hand-over.

  • Transfers

    Facilitates transfers between flights, both ramp and quick transfers, transfers through the warehouse, capture of ACTM (Air Cargo Transfer Manifest) for transfers between carriers and transfers to/from other CTO (Cargo Terminal Operations) facilities.

  • Station Cashiering

    Supports configuration of different modes of payment and station cashiering. iCargo CTO facilitates over the counter revenue transactions - those associated with documentation of export AWBs or at the import side prior to shipment delivery.

  • Measure Monitoring

    Monitors and maintains your shipment handling Quality KPIs and in turn ensures process efficiencies of your system. Provides for easy maintenance of Service Level Agreements agreed with partners such as handled carriers and customers.

  • Cargo iQ CDMP-C

    Reports airline performance objectives to IATA or measures your internal quality levels through in-built CDMP-C capability.