iCargo Mail

iCargo Mail tracks mail received by the carrier from receipt to handover at the destination, allowing for bulk assignment of mail to flights or containers. The tracking process includes scanning the mail, following its progress, and exchanging electronic messages with Postal Administrations (PAs) at various journey milestones. iCargo Mail is also capable of generating pre-advice and providing key information regarding data such as mail barcodes and acceptance/delivery.

iCargo Mail


  • Manage The Mailing Process

    Receives reports for the complete history of a mail receptacle from the time of receipt by the airline to the point of hand-over.

  • CARDIT/RESDIT Messaging

    UPU standard EDIFACT messages are supported by the system. CARDIT messages are received from the PAs, parsed and stored in the system. The corresponding RESDIT messages are generated based on the mail operations carried out, and sent back to the PAs.

  • Barcode Enabled Operations

    iCargo Mail supports UPU standard 29 character barcode label generation, reading and barcode scanner enabled operations. The RF enabled barcode scanning function enables real time update of information, eliminates redundancy of data capture and increases data quality.

  • Mail Revenue Accounting

    Ensures real time availability of mail data for revenue accounting processes, duly minimizing need for data feed for external systems.

  • Reports and Advice

    Generates various exception reports showing details such as invalid messages, flights not reconciled, mail not received/uplifted/handed over, operational reports such as Flight Manifests and Summary Reports, Dispatch Details Report, Substitute Delivery Bills and Pre-advice based on the CARDIT messages from the PAs.