iFlight NEO

iFlight NEO, the next generation solution for fleet and crew management for airlines and alliances, optimizes resources, assets & costs by employing emerging technologies and supports changing business models. Serving the market for over 25 years, iFlight NEO is enriched by industry driven product development arising from CGI forums (Core Group of Influence) consisting of select airlines.

A comprehensive solution that touches all core business areas of an airline, iFlight NEO is also technically advanced allowing device independence & remote accessibility, thus enabling faster adoption of business and technology changes.

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The Neo functional architecture (Modular yet integrated)
The Neo functional architecture (Modular yet integrated)


  • Future Proof

    Continuous improvement using future proof technology that supports fast roll-out of business changes with expert insights from Industry driven product development in form of CGI forums (Core Group of Influence) comprising select airlines

  • Web-Based Gantt

    Intuitive web-based Gantt facilitates rapid action tools (workspace, widgets, responsive rule alerts, filter/sort options and scenario planner)

  • Responsiveness

    Responsive Dashboard with situational awareness through KPIs and Notification widgets