iFlight NEO

Flight disruptions and irregular operations can have a significant impact on airlines, crew, and passengers, and carriers cannot afford to mismanage these occurrences. For enhanced operations, airlines need smart technologies that seek optimal balance between operational reliability, cost efficiency & crew satisfaction.

iFlight NEO, IBS‘ next generation single digital airline operations platform, has been designed for airlines, alliances and airline groups for managing fleet, hub, crew operations end-to-end, optimizing resources, employing emerging technologies and supporting innovation. iFlight NEO solves real-time data integration challenges in airline operations by providing a comprehensive OCC situational awareness that allows for proactive decision making and enables all stakeholders to collaboratively decide on the best disruption management strategy. 

OPS2020 Video
iFlight NEO architectural diagram


Integrated Operations

Situational Awareness real-time and proactive monitoring that reduces the response time to operational problems

Enhanced proactive aircraft and crew alerting mechanism that reduces unplanned diversions and delays and improves resource utilization

Integrated Disruption Management that reduces delay and, passenger compensation and cancellation costs

Superior System Capabilities

Intuitive solvers and workflow support for collaborative decision making

Faster information retrieval for operational users through dynamic filters and a single page information display

Flexibility to include subsidiary airline data to exploit operational synergies across group