iFlight Lite

iFlight Lite – “Integrated Flight Operations”, a comprehensive solution for coordinating and managing a host of activities related to flight scheduling and flight operations, ensures consistency and promotes coordination among airline departments resulting in cost effectiveness. A solution designed to meet the integrated flight operations needs of small, medium and chartered airlines, it is indispensable for all departments, such as the commercial, operations, crew, technical maintenance and finance departments of an airline to collect and forward data to other departments for further processing or monitoring.

A combined view of both aircraft and crew movement empowers the airline with the ability to recover from unforeseen disruptions and provide seamless updating of aircraft movements to other core systems. iFlight Lite ensures compliance with operational and crew regulations, union rules and company rules, along with other operating constraints avoiding compliance failures. It is equipped with a responsive rules engine that identifies and alerts regarding FDTR rules violations, reducing operational impact.

iFlight Lite can interface with SITA/AIRINC/FTP/EMAIL to receive and send MVT/LDM/Daily Flight Schedule (AAS) /SSM/ASM/Eurocontrol Slot messages and provide comprehensive Post flights analysis in the form of OTP, Delay statistics, Crew FDTR reports and Routing distribution.


  • Proactive Alerts

    Proactive alerting utilities aid in management of exceptional scenarios in flight operations and crew tracking

  • Productivity Tools

    User configurable statistical counters against crew days, color-coded flight / crew status indicators, daily and shift wise notes management, etc. aid in improved productivity

  • Automated Tools

    Facilitate aircraft assignment and scenario management, pairing creation and crew rostering with cost optimized crew positioning. iFlight Lite supports multi-base operations

iFlight Lite – Functional diagram
iFlight Lite – Functional diagram