iFlight Manpower Management

iFlight Manpower Management (MPM), an end-to-end manpower management solution, assists airlines to achieve optimal utilization of its crew resources throughout the operations cycle. Airline crew costs typically represent up to 20% of the entire operational cost base and optimization can go a long way in realizing cost savings and increase in profit margin. iFlight MPM can play a critical role in helping airlines minimize the overall crew resource cost and streamline the crew supply chain thereby ensuring robust crew operations. Features such as post-operation feedback, what-if scenario analysis, profiling of leave functions, ensures strategic planning and screening of vital statistics such as crew high hours meeting the regulatory compliance limits.


  • What-if’ Scenarios

    Analysis of 'what-if' scenarios supports business and manpower planning

  • Budget Planning

    Supports budget planning using SSIM / Pairing and Micro planning using SSIM / Pairing / Pre-assignments

  • Versatility

    Efficiently handles multiple, complex contract types, leave planning and management

  • Interfacing

    Interfaces with other core systems and forecasts crew high hours using regulatory compliance of crew flying statistics to ensure operation within legal limits

MPM Business Process
MPM Business Process