Airline Passenger Solutions

To build lasting relationships with their customers, airlines need to provide differentiated travel experiences at every touch point. To accomplish this, an airline requires an end to end Passenger Service System (PSS) that aggregates value to passengers whilst being forward-looking to accommodate evolving demands for personalized services. Further, as airlines continue on their journey to anticipate and create the perfect offer for each customer, distribution models are evolving alongside, with the focus shifting from GDSs to direct connect / meta-search engines / OTAs. At IBS, we have audience focused solutions catering to all of your aviation software needs.

The iFly Solution Suite, a comprehensive range of PSS solutions, focuses on enhanced passenger experience, operational efficiency and revenue growth. On the other hand, our next generation e-commerce offering, iTravel for Airlines, is a comprehensive travel, sales and fulfilment platform for building and dynamically managing marketing, sales and customer interaction.

Solution Suite