iTravel for Airlines

iTravel for Airlines’, the latest in a series of product innovations from IBS, is an e-commerce platform for building and dynamically managing the marketing, sales and customer interactions for airline companies. iTravel is designed to overcome the limitations in current indirect channel distribution setup, where inflexible data protocols and traditional communication mechanisms constrain these channels from seamlessly accessing airline rich content, thereby preventing them from showcasing the full value of the airline offer.

iTravel’s design ensures that airlines have more control on the amount and quality of information, thus facilitating a richer and agile experience to the customer with personalized and targeted offers through the sales and servicing lifecycle. Its architecture enables airlines to increase their ancillary revenues (both air products and non-air products) through indirect channels, by being able to offer a broader ancillary portfolio beyond the constraints of the ATPCO based distribution approach.

Additionally, iTravel enables agencies to have better access to the complete catalogue of fares, products and offers from an airline. Travel agents will be presented with greater variety of rich content and choices while they interact with end customers. ‘iTravel for Airlines’ can be the IATA NDC Enabler platform for airlines by providing direct access to agencies or aggregators or any other travel intermediaries who are willing to bypass GDS. The aggregation engine exposes the NDC 15.2 API for air related functions, fully compliant with the de facto standard from IATA, enabling an airline to distribute directly to agencies, making you ready for the future.

iTravel for Airlines

‘iTravel for Airlines’ can achieve more with these key components

Provides comprehensive customization and localization features designed to accommodate easy modifications to the presentation and flow of the sequences and behaviour of the logic.

A sophisticated presentation engine is supposed to provide comprehensive customization and localization features and will be designed to ccommodate easy modifications to the presentation and flow of the sequences and behavior of the logic. The product portfolio will include ready-made templates and components which airlines can immediately leverage.

Decouples business logic from the presentation tier in turn extending functionality through the following open APIs –

  • IATA's NDC 15.2 standard for air related services
  • OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) standard  for non-air related travel services
  • IBS extended API for all remaining travel business relevant services

A switchboard for airlines to connect seamlessly with any external travel source content provider, this engine aggregates content from varied supplier systems regardless of formats & protocols and transforms them into standardized and normalized structures. The APIs exposed by the engine utilize the latest industry standards from the Open Travel Alliance as well as IATA's NDC 15.2 standard.


  • Connectivity

    Today’s platforms do not provide adequate capabilities for an airline to connect promptly to new content sources (eg. hotel, car, etc.) This typically requires extended development effort by the IT vendor where capacity is limited and expensive. iTravel introduces an open concept of an aggregation engine and powerful tools facilitating airlines or even the actual supplier to build connectivity by themselves in less than 20 person days.

  • Reusability

    Through its extremely strong and encapsulated travel business logic that can be reused across channels, iTravel makes the expensive platform logic redundant.

  • Flexibility

    With a powerful presentation engine that facilitates and enables tour operators to configure any of its booking flow processes by its users, iTravel eliminates the need for frequent and expensive software changes

iFly Res

iFly Res, a next generation airline passenger services platform from IBS, is designed to provide airlines with greater business flexibility and operational efficiency. Born out of a need for a more dynamic PSS system in the aviation industry, iFly Res features a customer-centric design that can seamlessly manage changing business models - from low cost to hybrid operations. Powered by a Rules Engine that allows system configuration to meet your exact requirements, it not only ensures higher productivity and operational ease but also reduced vendor dependence

iFly Products

The six critical components of iFly Res - Reservation, Inventory, Fares, Ancillary Fees, Departure Control and Central Customer Management, cover the entire spectrum of airline processes working together to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

iFly Res is the first natively compliant IATA NDC PSS product in the industry, with a rich API portfolio that exposes fully NDC compliant booking and DCS functions providing rapid connectivity to content providers, consumers and trade partners.


  • Customer Centric Design

    Built around customer profiles, service history and potential value to the airline rather than simply accumulating traditional PNR records as in the traditional legacy systems.

  • Distribution Coverage

    Supporting entire gamut of distribution models, ranging from traditional GDS based to direct connect.

  • Rich API’s

    Extensive set of APIs which enable content distribution to any channel B2B/B2C/B2T websites, to GDSs, to mobile devices, kiosks and any other direct connect partners.

  • Full NDC Compliance

    NDC will allow the airline, you, to directly control the content and delivery of travel products and enable you to receive, process and respond to requests from a plethora of sources – including OTAs, GDSs, alliance partners, and third party ancillary service providers.

  • Flexible Business Parameters

    Helping you define and optimize business processes in real time and thus enhance operational flexibility.

  • Intuitive GUIs

    Facilitating faster adoption by agents and reduction in training costs.

  • Powerful Disruption Management Tools

    Customer value-based passenger movement to alternate flights for effectively managing disruptions.

Airline Passenger Solutions

To build lasting relationships with their customers, airlines need to provide differentiated travel experiences at every touch point. To accomplish this, an airline requires an end to end Passenger Service System (PSS) that aggregates value to passengers whilst being forward-looking to accommodate evolving demands for personalized services. Further, as airlines continue on their journey to anticipate and create the perfect offer for each customer, distribution models are evolving alongside, with the focus shifting from GDSs to direct connect / meta-search engines / OTAs. At IBS, we have audience focused solutions catering to all of your aviation software needs.

The iFly Solution Suite, a comprehensive range of PSS solutions, focuses on enhanced passenger experience, operational efficiency and revenue growth. On the other hand, our next generation e-commerce offering, iTravel for Airlines, is a comprehensive travel, sales and fulfilment platform for building and dynamically managing marketing, sales and customer interaction.

Solution Suite

iFly Staff

Airline Staff travel is a challenging and resource intensive operation involving significant costs. Complications compound when staff travel management is decentralized, as in most large airlines, or when travel policies change. Effective management of staff travel is also a key element in the employee motivation and retention strategy for any airline. iFly Staff, IBS’ Staff Travel Management Solution, is the most comprehensive staff travel solution currently available in the market for managing airline staff travel.

By providing a simplified, self-serviced online environment with 'booking anytime from anywhere' facility, iFly Staff can reduce staff travel administrative costs and lead time for processing requests significantly.

iFly Staff, handles leisure travel and duty travel bookings on own airline & i-ET with a comprehensive rules manager that can not only manage complex staff travel policies and interline agreements but also integrate seamlessly with other airline systems like reservation systems (ticketless and e-ticket enabled), HRMS, payment gateways etc.

iFly Staff Features
iFly Functional Modules
Functional Modules


  • Revenue Generation

    Enables staff travel to transform from cost to revenue centre and greatly improves employee satisfaction

  • Automated Processing

    Reduced effort with end to end automation with 24 X 7 access and increased predictability of travel, enhancing efficiency of reporting and management

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduces the cost of staff travel administration by 50% at least

  • Time Optimization

    Reduces lead time for processing staff travel requests by up to 90%