iTravel for Airlines

iTravel for Airlines’, the latest in a series of product innovations from IBS, is an e-commerce platform for building and dynamically managing the marketing, sales and customer interactions for airline companies. iTravel is designed to overcome the limitations in current indirect channel distribution setup, where inflexible data protocols and traditional communication mechanisms constrain these channels from seamlessly accessing airline rich content, thereby preventing them from showcasing the full value of the airline offer.

iTravel’s design ensures that airlines have more control on the amount and quality of information, thus facilitating a richer and agile experience to the customer with personalized and targeted offers through the sales and servicing lifecycle. Its architecture enables airlines to increase their ancillary revenues (both air products and non-air products) through indirect channels, by being able to offer a broader ancillary portfolio beyond the constraints of the ATPCO based distribution approach.

Additionally, iTravel enables agencies to have better access to the complete catalogue of fares, products and offers from an airline. Travel agents will be presented with greater variety of rich content and choices while they interact with end customers. ‘iTravel for Airlines’ can be the IATA NDC Enabler platform for airlines by providing direct access to agencies or aggregators or any other travel intermediaries who are willing to bypass GDS. The aggregation engine exposes the NDC 15.2 API for air related functions, fully compliant with the de facto standard from IATA, enabling an airline to distribute directly to agencies, making you ready for the future.

iTravel for Airlines

‘iTravel for Airlines’ can achieve more with these key components

Provides comprehensive customization and localization features designed to accommodate easy modifications to the presentation and flow of the sequences and behaviour of the logic.

A sophisticated presentation engine is supposed to provide comprehensive customization and localization features and will be designed to ccommodate easy modifications to the presentation and flow of the sequences and behavior of the logic. The product portfolio will include ready-made templates and components which airlines can immediately leverage.

Decouples business logic from the presentation tier in turn extending functionality through the following open APIs –

  • IATA's NDC 15.2 standard for air related services
  • OpenTravel Alliance (OTA) standard  for non-air related travel services
  • IBS extended API for all remaining travel business relevant services

A switchboard for airlines to connect seamlessly with any external travel source content provider, this engine aggregates content from varied supplier systems regardless of formats & protocols and transforms them into standardized and normalized structures. The APIs exposed by the engine utilize the latest industry standards from the Open Travel Alliance as well as IATA's NDC 15.2 standard.


  • Connectivity

    Today’s platforms do not provide adequate capabilities for an airline to connect promptly to new content sources (eg. hotel, car, etc.) This typically requires extended development effort by the IT vendor where capacity is limited and expensive. iTravel introduces an open concept of an aggregation engine and powerful tools facilitating airlines or even the actual supplier to build connectivity by themselves in less than 20 person days.

  • Reusability

    Through its extremely strong and encapsulated travel business logic that can be reused across channels, iTravel makes the expensive platform logic redundant.

  • Flexibility

    With a powerful presentation engine that facilitates and enables tour operators to configure any of its booking flow processes by its users, iTravel eliminates the need for frequent and expensive software changes