iFly Staff

Airline Staff travel is a challenging and resource intensive operation involving significant costs. Complications compound when staff travel management is decentralized, as in most large airlines, or when travel policies change. Effective management of staff travel is also a key element in the employee motivation and retention strategy for any airline. iFly Staff, IBS’ Staff Travel Management Solution, is the most comprehensive staff travel solution currently available in the market for managing airline staff travel.

By providing a simplified, self-serviced online environment with 'booking anytime from anywhere' facility, iFly Staff can reduce staff travel administrative costs and lead time for processing requests significantly.

iFly Staff, handles leisure travel and duty travel bookings on own airline & i-ET with a comprehensive rules manager that can not only manage complex staff travel policies and interline agreements but also integrate seamlessly with other airline systems like reservation systems (ticketless and e-ticket enabled), HRMS, payment gateways etc.

iFly Staff Features
iFly Functional Modules
Functional Modules


  • Revenue Generation

    Enables staff travel to transform from cost to revenue centre and greatly improves employee satisfaction

  • Automated Processing

    Reduced effort with end to end automation with 24 X 7 access and increased predictability of travel, enhancing efficiency of reporting and management

  • Cost Reduction

    Reduces the cost of staff travel administration by 50% at least

  • Time Optimization

    Reduces lead time for processing staff travel requests by up to 90%