Internet Booking Engine

The Internet Booking Engine (IBE) runs on top of the powerful and resilient Demand Gateway platform and can be integrated with multiple properties. Easily exchangeable for your current booking platforms, our IBE seamlessly integrates with your systems avoiding costly changes to your existing IT landscape. Connecting with your backend inventory & reservation management systems, the IBE offers a wide variety of features that facilitate easy & prompt bookings for your guests resulting in more conversions.


  • Intuitive & Flexible Design

    Customizes easily with the booking engine’s rich interactive user interfaces with flexible and platform-agnostic designs

  • Merchandising Flexibility

    Configures packages specific to online channels with customized pass keys, loyalty and partner programs and enables up-sell & cross-sell abilities

  • Ancillary Support

    Configures ancillary services with flexibility to categorize services & control by factors such as dates, inventory & pricing

  • Single Hub Connectivity

    Offers best-rate plans to your guests and manages rate parity across distribution platforms by utilizing the Demand Gateway to feed both IBE and external channels

  • Simplified Bookings

    Simple 3-step booking process supports unique & “super” confirmation numbers for specific and multiple property bookings, respectively

  • Easy Payments

    Flexibility to set up multiple payment modes configured by property type/offer type

  • Round the clock availability

    24/7 up-time availability and ability to deliver quick response to user requests