Private Label Portal

The Private Label Portal (PLP) equips hotels and other suppliers with an online branded portal that tour operators, travel agencies and affinity organizations can directly access in order to shop their preferred rates and book in real-time. Not only will this help you reach out to and automate contracting processes with small tour operators and distribution channels but also serve niche travel markets across the world that you otherwise did not have access to.

The PLP ensures, you enjoy greater visibility and control over your bookings while also expanding your reach and product set. With robust features such as push messaging, promotions and deals, the IBS PLP can be used for corporate travel, loyalty clubs, groups and travel agencies. The IBS PLP helps reduce your distribution costs by giving you complete control over your retailing process.


  • Highly secure solution with protected login id/password & low risk – no manual intervention for reservations or manual updates/spreadsheets to customers
  • Exceptionally flexible with features such as multi-rate & multi-currency support, flexi search options with flexible dates calendar, multi room search, promo codes
  • Excellent reporting & tracking capabilities giving you complete control over your search results
  • Speed to market with standardized customer template creation for quick sign-on