Smart Analytics & BI

The Smart Analytics and BI offering can empower you by helping you to understand your customer segments & behaviour and business trends.

The Smart Analytics and BI tool enables you to build statistical prediction models to carry out revenue forecasting, churn/breakage forecasting and liability forecasting. Better visualization of business information allows you to understand seasonality, trends and conduct what-if analysis using statistical models. It allows you to generate a customer engagement index for every customer thereby enabling you to identify and grow the most profitable customers by tailoring your offerings.


  • Deconstructs transactional data to understand seasonality, trends and conduct what-if analysis using statistical models.
  • Builds statistical prediction models to carry out:
    1. Revenue forecasting
    2. Churn/breakage forecasting
    3. Liability forecasting
  • Provides for data visualization using charts, crosstabs and tables. Allows dashboard access via multiple channels like mobile and tablets.

Customer Engagement Suite

Our Customer Engagement Suite enables you to streamline all major areas of customer interactions and gain a competitive advantage by seamlessly integrating people and processes for better customer engagement, ranging from responding to product queries to rewarding customers for their interest and involvement in the brand. It employs ‘gamification’ strategies that integrate easily with your core business and builds online social communities to collect a 360-degree data store to build a personalized relationship with your customers.


  • Provides a comprehensive customer data store built from various online and offline customer interactions, easy integration with core and ancillary business systems
  • Provides a social media connector to integrate with social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. enriched with ‘gamification’ strategies with badges and positions on leader boards
  • Communication support: Easy to “build and re-use” communication templates and context-based communication for an enhanced loyalty experience

Partner Integration Hub

Our Partner Integration Hub, a comprehensive solution for managing loyalty program partners, helps to achieve shorter partner onboarding times through easily configurable business rules. It covers the entire spectrum of partner engagement including partner contracting, the sale of loyalty points to partners, partner billing and processing of member activities. The flexibility offered by iLoyal Partner Integration Hub to configure partner specific billing protocols and industry-specific transaction validations enables easy administration of partners across the loyalty network. The Partner Self Service portal adds great appeal to the solution by providing a single window to partners to manage their accounts and loyalty activities promoting partner understanding. It also allows for seamless integration with smaller and local partners with minimal IT assets and faster launching of co-branded propositions.


  • Allows to define partner profiles, contracting terms and messaging protocols and configure slab-based accrual billing rates and supports retrospective claims processing
  • Provides the flexibility to buy points on credit or prepaid terms
  • Partner self-service portal helps view and manage profile information and partnership activities
  • Makes integration possible with smaller and local partners with minimal IT assets
  • Has the proven capability to integrate with all major airline alliances like Star Alliance, Oneworld, and SkyTeam

Campaign Management System

Our Campaign Management System, a comprehensive solution to convey your proposition in a more meaningful and personalized way, enables you to run end-to-end campaigns from planning, to execution to post-campaign analysis. It allows you to take advantage of targeted marketing to reach out to your customers on a one-to-one level. Campaign Management facilitates building a stronger brand affinity through tailored promotions and thus enhancing revenue per customer by allowing you to target specific segments by offering incentives. The system even offers a simulation of campaigns before the actual run, aiding strategic business decision making and what-if analysis.


  • Allows customer segmentation using demographics, business sentiment, or analytics, the configuration of a variety of campaign incentives like vouchers, service or bonus points and automatic crediting of incentives upon qualifying the campaign goal. User defined schedules (instances) to run single or multiple wave campaigns
  • Provides campaign calendars for a comprehensive view of all campaigns set in the system, instance level projection of ROI for each campaign run and simulation of campaigns before actual run
  • Facilitates easy to create HTML and plain text templates with placeholders for personalized content and communication enabled for e-mail, SMS, post and fax and tracking of qualifying activities through custom defined queries

Mobile Engagement Solution

Our Mobile Engagement Solution enables smarter loyalty and marketing experience through digital handshake of your brand and customers. It empowers you to stay with your customers for location based services using beacons and geofences. The mobile solution is designed to simplify the loyalty interactions and garner more responses through in-time communication and contextual messaging leveraging the convergence of new age hardware. The solution enables you to offer a digital rewards catalog with location based spot offers for quick and easy redemption and enables social networking through social check-ins, sharing activities, photos, testimonials, and challenges.


  • Contextual Messaging sends greetings, offers, or notifications based on relevance and location - a digital rewards catalog with location based spot offers for quick and easy redemptions.
  • Proximity based automatic processing of member information at different touch points enabled by the storage of unique digital ID as QR codes.
  • Connects with customers on social network through social check-ins, sharing activities, photos, testimonials and challenges enriched by interesting gaming models.