Campaign Management System

Our Campaign Management System, a comprehensive solution to convey your proposition in a more meaningful and personalized way, enables you to run end-to-end campaigns from planning, to execution to post-campaign analysis. It allows you to take advantage of targeted marketing to reach out to your customers on a one-to-one level. Campaign Management facilitates building a stronger brand affinity through tailored promotions and thus enhancing revenue per customer by allowing you to target specific segments by offering incentives. The system even offers a simulation of campaigns before the actual run, aiding strategic business decision making and what-if analysis.


  • Allows customer segmentation using demographics, business sentiment, or analytics, the configuration of a variety of campaign incentives like vouchers, service or bonus points and automatic crediting of incentives upon qualifying the campaign goal. User defined schedules (instances) to run single or multiple wave campaigns
  • Provides campaign calendars for a comprehensive view of all campaigns set in the system, instance level projection of ROI for each campaign run and simulation of campaigns before actual run
  • Facilitates easy to create HTML and plain text templates with placeholders for personalized content and communication enabled for e-mail, SMS, post and fax and tracking of qualifying activities through custom defined queries