Loyalty Management System

IBS' Loyalty Management System is designed to empower you with tools to effectively pursue diverse loyalty propositions for airlines, hotels, rails, retail and cruise. It enables loyalty program management across the spectrum including program creation through setting up business rules, partner management and billing, day to day operational aspects, month-end financial accounting and liability reporting. The Loyalty Management System is capable of monitoring your customers across channels with a “single customer record” strategy.

iFly Loyalty,a purpose built new generation loyalty management product for airlines, supports the diverse needs of the airline industry like FFP, Coalition Programs, SME and Corporate programs and various other models.

iFly Loyalty enables management across multiple program ecosystems from the same software and allows personalized communication and campaigns to reach out to customers and achieve better ROI. It empowers your business with omni-channel touchpoints to connect members and partners. It supports strategic decision making with data-based predictive and prescriptive analysis and is compliant with major airline coalitions viz. Star Alliance, Oneworld, Skyteam.


  • Manages multiple program ecosystems with unique rules, currency, partners, etc.
  • Manages wide network of partners through easy integrations, flexible rules and self-service portal
  • Comprehensive rule-based functionality provides greater control and more agility to respond to market dynamics
  • Personalized communication and campaigns allow for better member engagement
  • Ready to use customer and partner touchpoints helps engage with members and partners through the web and mobile channels
  • Optimizes points breakage through flexible accrual and redemption rules compliant with major airline coalitions viz. Star Alliance, Oneworld, Skyteam

iLoyal is IBS’ Loyalty Management System for Hotels, Railways, Retail Chains, and Cruise Lines. It has a host of features to not only attract and retain customers but also turn them into advocates. iLoyal brings business benefits unique to each of the industries, thereby driving growth, profitability and enhancing customer base.


  • 360-degree customer view provides wide access to customer demography and behaviour.
  • User-friendly operational workflows, purposefully designed to manage loyalty operations quickly, cost effectively and with great ease.
  • Personalized communication and e-marketing functions help run campaigns for the segmented customer base
  • Analytics and insights support informed decision making and use of valuable data asset for better service and better communication
  • Easily integrates with partner and third party systems, through readily available web services and other message protocols or formats.
  • Dedicated module manages and operates loyalty partnerships.