iLogistics Add-ons

iLogistics provides a host of add-on modules offering extended support to suit your business & technology needs. Ranging from voyage management systems to reporting & tracing solutions, we offer you a multitude of plug-in modules to enhance your logistics management needs.

iLogistics Camp & Hotel

Built for high-occupancy camps, hotels and workforce lodges, iLogistics powers your onshore accommodation management functions through a host of features providing advanced visibility, optimized capacity utilization and housekeeping management for owned as well as contractor accommodation facilities.


  • Single integrated itinerary for end-to-end travel (commercial/charter/helicopter + bus/car) and camp accommodation with email/SMS alerts
  • Roster and crew schedules for permanent rotators and automated bed assignment based on configurable rules
  • Optimized bed allocations during bulk travel changes and flight cancellations
  • Visual indication for no-shows, training compliance, orientation tracking etc.
  • Door tag printing, HSE management, housekeeping and meal tracking capabilities
  • Predictive capacity planning by analyzing occupation history
  • Tariff definitions, cost allocations and invoice management
  • Advanced capabilities like room ‘on-hold’, kiosk check-in, smart badge integration, offline working capability, and many more

iLogistics Land

Designed to manage onshore logistics, iLogistics Land provides capabilities to manage personnel and material movement on land, through a variety of transport options like bus, car, truck and rail. The Safe Journey management capabilities enables companies to reduce risks related to journey over land and thereby reduce accidents. The system can seamlessly integrate with TMS systems used by service providers and also take feeds from positioning and tracking systems such as IVMS, RFID and GPS/GPRS/GIS.


  • Efficient and coordinated workforce travel made possible through seamless integration of Bus shuttles and car journeys with flight schedules
  • Optimized journey planning from consolidation of land journeys on similar routes and automatic bus shuttle schedule creations based on flight arrivals and departures
  • Reduced incidents through dynamic risk assessment and safe journey management based on real-time driver, vehicle and route data feeds from vehicle tracking / IVMS systems
  • Enhanced visibility of 3PL/4PL operations through central truck dispatching features, real time tracking, KPI monitoring, analysis and reporting
  • Optimizing fuel consumption with the aid of tools such as fuel card management, fuel requisition and fleet maintenance

iLogistics Personnel-On-Board

iLogistics PoB powers your personnel-on-board management capabilities to ensure safe travel and stay of your personnel on offshore assets and remote land locations. Through a host of features focusing on rotation scheduling, offshore safety compliances, mustering and tracking of personnel, iLogistics PoB has superior platform management and emergency evacuation capabilities.


  • Unique multi-modal integration across aviation, marine and land modules ensuring seamless information flow for improved planning and tracking of passenger movement
  • Strict compliance to offshore HSE standards by enforcement of rules and policies on max PoB, safe manning levels, drug testing and safety courses/certificate validations
  • Core crew scheduling & roster management with provisions to enforce exceptional approval workflows for special travels and waivers
  • Efficient mustering and mock-drill planning through automated Lifeboat, Muster point emergency roles allocations including offline working capability
  • Real time PoB tracking through RFID and smart-badge technologies
  • Efficient incident profiling and risk assessment matrices to reduce exposure hours and LTIs
  • Better evacuation planning during emergencies facilitated by evacuation priorities, essential status, automated helicopter/boat allocations and centralized dashboard of all offshore assets

iLogistics Marine

iLogistics Marine offers an integrated platform to plan, schedule, execute & track people and material logistics by vessels. The solution enables greater collaboration among your logistics network and optimizes the productive utilization of vessels while improving the marine safety, reliability and efficiency parameters. It provides integrated, best-in-class functionality for demand and supply planning, route planning and optimization, dispatching and manifesting, electronic vessel logging and real time tracking, along with standard integration with your corporate ERP system.


  • Enhances supply chain performance with collaborative demand & supply planning; and improves asset utilization through vessel sharing among business partners
  • Optimizes berth utilization in supply base/offshore assets and vessel optimization (route, vessel type, activities); using mathematical modelling techniques
  • Manages vessel fleet charters, maintenance and activities on loading, unloading, standby, break down, anchor handling, safety, safety standby support, subsea support, bulk transfer, dynamic positioning
  • Advanced visibility through material expediting portal for material suppliers (including third party contractors)
  • Advanced material planning & optimization - packing, containerization, dispatch, receipts, backloads, bar code integration and graphical vessel deck and tank planning to optimize utilizations
  • Offline electronic captain logs and synchronization, waste Management and safety compliance as per IMDG standards
  • Real time tracking of materials, high cost rentals, containers, vessels, bulk transfers, bulk Remaining on Board (ROB), vessel fuel consumption and speeds with RFID/GPS technologies
  • Interactive map based tracking of simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), vessels and offshore assets, marine control tower to support dynamic operational decision making, push alerts on deviations from planned route and optimum speeds
  • Analytics dashboards on marine safety, reliability and efficiency performance and standard marine cost allocation algorithms