iLogistics Aviation

iLogistics Aviation features advanced capabilities to manage, schedule and track personnel & material movement by commercial, charter and helicopter flights to onshore and offshore destinations. With the capability to integrate commercial/charter/helicopter/bus/car and hotel/camp/offshore accommodation, iLogistics offers a powerful platform to take total control of your end-to-end logistics operations.


  • Comprehensive passenger and material reservation module with multi-level rule based journey workflows & approvals, visa/travel, safety course validations
  • Single integrated itinerary for end-to-end travel (commercial/charter/helicopter + bus/car + hotel/camp/offshore) with email/SMS alerts
  • Optimized flight scheduling based on demand and automatic seat allocation based on passenger priority, preferences and allocation rules
  • Efficient fleet utilization from sharing of seats, flight schedules and aircrafts between operators, made possible by the collaborative asset sharing platform
  • Improved operational efficiency with features such as automated seat map allocations, wait listing, no-show tracking, web check-in, mobile/kiosk based check-ins and Boarding pass & Baggage Tag
  • Map based tracking, KPI monitoring, predictive data analysis and flexible reporting provide enhanced operational visibility
  • Integration with GDS/OTA systems, real-time flight tracking systems and ERP systems
  • Cost allocation models, tariff management and invoice reconciliation