iLogistics Marine

iLogistics Marine offers an integrated platform to plan, schedule, execute & track people and material logistics by vessels. The solution enables greater collaboration among your logistics network and optimizes the productive utilization of vessels while improving the marine safety, reliability and efficiency parameters. It provides integrated, best-in-class functionality for demand and supply planning, route planning and optimization, dispatching and manifesting, electronic vessel logging and real time tracking, along with standard integration with your corporate ERP system.


  • Enhances supply chain performance with collaborative demand & supply planning; and improves asset utilization through vessel sharing among business partners
  • Optimizes berth utilization in supply base/offshore assets and vessel optimization (route, vessel type, activities); using mathematical modelling techniques
  • Manages vessel fleet charters, maintenance and activities on loading, unloading, standby, break down, anchor handling, safety, safety standby support, subsea support, bulk transfer, dynamic positioning
  • Advanced visibility through material expediting portal for material suppliers (including third party contractors)
  • Advanced material planning & optimization - packing, containerization, dispatch, receipts, backloads, bar code integration and graphical vessel deck and tank planning to optimize utilizations
  • Offline electronic captain logs and synchronization, waste Management and safety compliance as per IMDG standards
  • Real time tracking of materials, high cost rentals, containers, vessels, bulk transfers, bulk Remaining on Board (ROB), vessel fuel consumption and speeds with RFID/GPS technologies
  • Interactive map based tracking of simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), vessels and offshore assets, marine control tower to support dynamic operational decision making, push alerts on deviations from planned route and optimum speeds
  • Analytics dashboards on marine safety, reliability and efficiency performance and standard marine cost allocation algorithms