iLogistics Camp & Hotel

Built for high-occupancy camps, hotels and workforce lodges, iLogistics powers your onshore accommodation management functions through a host of features providing advanced visibility, optimized capacity utilization and housekeeping management for owned as well as contractor accommodation facilities.


  • Single integrated itinerary for end-to-end travel (commercial/charter/helicopter + bus/car) and camp accommodation with email/SMS alerts
  • Roster and crew schedules for permanent rotators and automated bed assignment based on configurable rules
  • Optimized bed allocations during bulk travel changes and flight cancellations
  • Visual indication for no-shows, training compliance, orientation tracking etc.
  • Door tag printing, HSE management, housekeeping and meal tracking capabilities
  • Predictive capacity planning by analyzing occupation history
  • Tariff definitions, cost allocations and invoice management
  • Advanced capabilities like room ‘on-hold’, kiosk check-in, smart badge integration, offline working capability, and many more