iLogistics UG

iLogistics UG serves as a quintessential model for all underground mining operations. It powers the logistics operations of people and material through features like long term demand planning, automated cage scheduling, e-ticketing and barcode enabled shipment tracking and receipts, all of this bundled into an appealing, easy to use graphical user interface.


  • Single integrated system for managing personnel and material transportation to underground mine sites and the return via shaft or cages
  • Long term demand planning functions improve supply chain planning horizon up to 2 years and ensures seamless mine operations without any operational delays
  • Extensive automation in cage scheduling and material receipts delivers extremely efficient underground logistics operations without congestion and delays.
  • Mobile-enabled tracking and data-capture solution helps companies to maintain complete control and visibility over the entire material transportation process<
  • Real-time inventory tracking helps to get rid of the surplus inventory and avoids congestion at the underground mine site
  • Quick and automated check-ins through kiosks, handheld scanners, and tablet transform traditional business processes, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency.